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  • Outhouse, the

    38 24.52%
  • Shenanigans

    61 39.35%
  • Srs Bzns

    27 17.42%
  • Hate them all

    29 18.71%
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Thread: Names

  1. Default Names

    A rose by any other and all that wind and roar.



  4. Default

    Multichoice would be appropriate if we were asked to pick more than one name.

  5. Default

    That is the way it's spelled though when meant in the sense you wanted it.

  6. Default

    Perhaps the business can be made proper.

  7. Default

    I wouldn't want to make Urban Dictionary cry for having compromised the integrity of the meme.

  8. Default

    I've actually only heard of "srs business", although, I do like "srs bzns" much more. Definitely more hilarious.

  9. Default


    I like Shenanigans better anyway.

  10. Default

    Makes me think it's a female Bennigans.

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    Actually, I prefer good old Funhouse. But if I have to choose, it'd be Outhouse.

  12. Default

    Just putting my two cents in, since we seem to have resolved everything while I was asleep.

    My apologies for PMing you Eos, I hadn't noticed that the poll had gone up and that the dicussion had ended.

  13. Default

    Can it be Shenanigans and etc?

  14. Default

    My this is a heated race.
    I don't think i've seen such a vicious vote.

  15. Default

    Well, it is going to be the new name for the Not-Funhouse, it is truly serious business. Doubtful if there was a thread deciding the new name for The Speakeasy it would be so close. But I could be wrong.

  16. Default

    Guys, before you vote, think of how you can use these names in conversation. "Posting in a Shenanigans thread" sounds dumb. Serious Business thread sounds better, but Outhouse thread had the best sound. Also, you can tell people you were searching through the outhouse for something you saw a while ago. Outhouse by nature is hilarious.

  17. Default

    I wasn't aware that this was a behavior to encourage.

  18. Default

    Literally the least awful thing that habitually happened in the funhouse. Even less so than that new idiotic meme "Should we tell him" which makes me want to punch the poster into the sun.

  19. Default

    I'll pay for that video...

  20. Default

    Actually, it makes perfect sense and fits. "There is shenanigans going on in this thread." "Why do you guys like shenanigans so much?" Shenanigans can provide endless and boundless fun.

    Serious Business thread doesn't flow off the tongue at all. And saying Srs Bzns thread while better than just Serious Business is still somewhat stupid.

    "I was looking for some shenanigans I saw a while ago."

    "I was looking through the outhouse for something I saw a while ago."

    Shenanigans actually makes a cute joke. Remember that when you go to the polls voters, do you want to post in an outhouse of all things? Or would you rather have some light-hearted fun loving shenanigans?



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