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  1. Default Mob's Attack Reorganization

    As I stated in the 1.2.381 extraction thread, the way the attack skills for mobs are laid out differently. I thought I'd go over some of these changes as they did add new information I haven't seen before.

    Here is an example of how the information is laid out differently. The format used here is very, very similar to how mob skills are laid out. The following mob is Zakum1:

    info/attack/0/action 1 //Signifies which attack animation to use
    info/attack/0/attackRatio 100 //??? - I can only assume probability to use the attack, but I'm not sure.
    info/attack/0/type 0 //Unknown
    info/attack/0/conMP 100 //Amount of MP to consume
    info/attack/0/magic 1 //If this flag is set, use MADamage as the attack value and not PADamage
    info/attack/0/deadlyAttack 1 //This attack is a 1/1 attack
    info/attack/0/doFirst 1 //Obviously, perform this attack before performing other attacks
    info/attack/1/action 2
    info/attack/1/attackRatio 100
    info/attack/1/type 0
    info/attack/1/conMP 10
    info/attack/1/magic 1
    info/attack/1/elemAttr L //Lightning Attribute
    info/attack/1/disease 120 //"Disease" is a mob skill - 120 means stun.
    info/attack/1/level 4
    info/attack/2/action 3
    info/attack/2/attackRatio 33
    info/attack/2/type 3
    info/attack/2/conMP 10
    info/attack/2/disease 123 //Seal
    info/attack/2/level 3
    So, can anyone perhaps give some insight as to how attackRatio works? Here are other examples:



    Chaos Zakum1

    Chaos Zakum2

    Chaos Zakum3

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    A thought that comes to mind is the proportion of their attack stat used in the attack, but that is merely a guess.

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    Ah yes, thank you JoeTang. After comparing the old and new data your theory checks out. attackRatio is less than 100 when PADamage/MADamage was used in the attack info, and the math works out perfectly.

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    When you said mob attack i thought you meant mob attack skills from classes, not mobs as in monsters and bosses. Awesome. This will make reading new bosses and their attacks significantly easier, as will preparing for them. Can you post empress and her minions in this new format? :D

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    @Takebacker - I have to change my mob parser and mob templates first. But I can definitely get around to it.

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    Much appreciated. :D

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    EDIT: Removed



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