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    Skill Changes


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    Woah, stealth bowman change?

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    Lmao. I guess they couldn't wait.

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    Wow, that seemed quick.

    That was in KMST, too.

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    So... Glacial Chain got a minor nerf. Now ignores 40% def only. Oh well. Live with it then.


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    Slight nerf on mist explosion while going to 5 hits.
    Slight nerf on Element Amplification.

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    Had to fix a few lookups. It's there now.

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    mhmm, I'm actually excited. Hoping it comes early for GMS...

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    Anyone else notice the last second nerf on Mist Eruption? However 2 additional targets..

    Changed - damage (430 --> 500)
    New - attackCount (5)
    Changed - mobCount (6 --> 12)

    It was 720% damage, 4 hit, 10 target in KMST 1.2.379

    2880% -> 2500% damage

    also defense ignore 50% -> 40%..

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    DoT bonus for mages down from 20% to 10%.

    ^More crowd control I guess.

    *edit* BS Holy focus is now 65% mastery and +40% crit (i.e. bonus 15% mastery).
    *edit* Also, I/L Wizard's Thunderbolt now has a slightly larger AoE of 250%.
    *edit* Forgot to add: Chain Lightning bonus critical is slightly buffed, now +25%.


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    is that Maple Secret Service event?

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    I don't mind burning less MP for 5% less damage. Well... that's me.


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    Blaze Wizards get an exclusive -3 booster, wheeeee :D

    I know no one cares for Cygnus but at least that makes them suck less. :>

  14. Water
    IGN: TheLolSniper
    Server: Windia
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    It's where the NPC is from, but the other NPCs are obviously all from the anniversary.

    Edit: Considering the tubes theme, maybe MSS is coming again in summer?

    Also, 2880% -> 2500% isn't really much of a nerf. The skill's stronger than Meteor Shower and on a much shorter cooldown.

    Moar Edit: Eruption also benefits from Aim, while Meteor doesn't (I think).

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    Also to add, reduction in MP consumption for Advanced Bless is now -20% (was 25%).

    I note that ArchMages' summons give passive resistance to Elemental attacks, while Bishop's Bahamaut gives passive resistance to states. Can anyone confirm?


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    Yes, after Chaos I think, there was a mini patch where its icon got changed and it has still the same crappy animation.




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