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  1. Default "What should I" threads do not belong here

    No one can tell you -

    • What class you will enjoy
    • What server you will enjoy
    • What guild you should join
    • What "build" is right for you

    Experiment for yourself, play the game, explore, learn what you like and don't expect anyone else to be able to tell you what you're going to enjoy, or what you should enjoy.

    This section is for actual game related questions, not life choice validation.

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    Man, Punch ain't gonna be happy about this. However, is blocking 'what build' threads needed as well? Those sometimes turn into decent threads where you learn something unlike the other three you listed.

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    Those belong in their appropriate class forum, not Generic Q&A.

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    I don't quite get why they should be outlawed. There isn't anything harmful in posting them, and new people to the game (and any game) like to receive advice. There isn't anything wrong in trying to point them in the direction of a job or server that they may enjoy.

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    Because we don't need 50,000 versions of the exact same question polluting the forum that's intended for quick and answerable questions. This isn't an opinion poll forum, there are more relevant places for that.

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