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  1. Helium Atom Straight Male
    IGN: I'm
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    Level: on
    Job: this
    Guild: damn
    Alliance: game
    Farm: anymore

    Default Re: How was your day?

    Most of the decision to buy the Black Widow was due to the fact that it was in stock at the local retailer, and there were no Corsairs (at all) D: I'm super impatient, so I hate having things shipped.

    The Black Widow does what I need it to do, and it's still a major upgrade over my last keyboard, so I'm pretty satisfied with it right now. I'll look more into Corsair in the future though

  2. Nuclear testing facility Straight Male
    IGN: VerrKol
    Server: Zenith
    Level: 204
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: LegacyReborn
    Farm: Kolville

    Default Re: How was your day?

    So I'm currently in the midst of planning a "glamping" trip with some friends to Lake Perris for this weekend. The weather looks perfect. More importantly, there's a girl there that I'm chasing. We actually went to Disneyland last weekend for a date and it went perfectly despite the rain!

    I feel kind of dumb trying to start another LDR (San Diego to LA not actually that far...) after the last one crashed and burned so badly, but I really do like this girl and we've been texting almost daily for the last 2 weeks or so. She's pretty, intelligent, and just plain fun to be around. She even gets my flirty wordplay which is surprisingly difficult for many women lol. Unlike my last ex, she's got her life really well put together and is starting optometry school in the fall which actually puts her slightly farther away but with less traffic.

    I know I really shouldn't let past problems hold me back, but I can't help but know that the distance really contributed to my last break up. It took me about a year to really get over her and I don't want to go through that again. It's not a fair comparison since this is a completely different girl, but the doubt is definitely there.

    Still I can't help but smile when I talk to or even text her. I'm going to follow through and see where things go. It's dumb and damnably inconvenient but I really can't help myself.

    Things are also shaping up pretty well with the new job. I'm not making as much progress as I'd hoped on my 2 projects, but both are more embedded systems related so a lot of it has been picking up new skills that I didn't learn anything about in college. Not really a surprise, but it can lead to some frustrating basic mistakes like mildly electrocuting myself the other day. It also looks like I may be doing some travel for work on the system I did data analysis for when I was an intern. The first trip is only a week and not too far away, but there was talk about going to DC or LV It's going to be all work I'm sure but still very exciting and hopefully means they think I'm up to the task!

    Meanwhile my mother's health hasn't been too great lately, but today was a good day. I've really been trying to do more to help out around the house, but there's not a lot I can do to directly help her with the pain and side effects from the medication. It's really tough knowing she's constantly in pain and it's really not going to change as long as she stays on the medication which could be years. I'm starting to doubt if I should move out like I planned at the end of August, especially with my brother and sister going back to school. I really want to get out so I won't have to see her explosions of anger or depression (not to mention resume my adult lifestyle), but I'm not sure my little brother and dad can handle everything by themselves.

    -end life story dump-

  3. Default Re: How was your day?

    Wasting my summer away with video games as usual since I cannot find a job for the life of me. Think I'm gonna start reading more books and going to the gym more, just gotta stick with it is the hard part.

  4. Default Re: How was your day?

    7 pages of infractions is how.

  5. Default Re: How was your day?

    What a wimpy history

  6. Default Re: How was your day?

    This past 4 months has been like living a boring book with no character developments. Hopefully the next 2 years in military will change me for the better. only 2 weeks left before my freedom is officially out the window.

  7. Default Re: How was your day?

    Unfortunately I'm not handling myself well right now. My dog is 10 years old and has tumors all over her body, I'm frustrated and analyzing it even when I know it's a useless, stereotypical thing to do. We will know the details, since the vet who looked at the xrays is not a radiologist. My dad/mom went but really, it's tumors on her lungs, and her liver growing 2x that makes me sure this is going to incurable thing. We may have to put her down as early as Monday, assuming her quality of life wouldn't allow her to live for <a year. My mom maybe closest to my dog but I won't let her wither away while breathing in needles.

  8. Sacred cow Male
    IGN: Equi
    Server: Aquila
    Level: 235
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: Pineapples
    Farm: holycow

    Default Re: How was your day?

    Girl I've been recently chatting with has started to ignore me all of a sudden and it's 5 days in.

    I'm dying because of this; not because I like her but because she is someone I could really finally confide and talk to all day, someone whom I've been searching for so long.
    My mood now : I could just jump out my window and fall 14 stories down, or get banged by a car

  9. Default Re: How was your day?

    I am in an extremely difficult financial situation and I want to cry

  10. Default Re: How was your day?

    Im going to California on Friday

    may die of thirst

  11. Lead Ball
    IGN: Watt
    Server: 루na
    Level: 240
    Job: Hero
    Guild: 깜찍
    Alliance: 깜찍qkff
    Farm: 에디

    Default Re: How was your day?

    It will pass, it's alright, We've all been through such non sense, It's either something related to her personal life or it's related you.
    Don't let it affect your life in general, it isn't worth your pain and trouble trust me, I nearly screwed up my life because of that 2 years ago and I regret it.
    She'll talk once she'll take, move on for now, letting it infiltrate your mind will affect your judgement and make you think about bad decisions.
    It is not worth the effort nor time is one thing I can tell you this for sure, In fact something like that happened to me 4 months ago as well, Just wait it out then have "the feelings" talk I suppose.
    Good luck.

  12. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One

    Default Re: How was your day?

    Applied for a new job to replace Michael's and interviewed with them on Monday. The interview went great, but I didn't get the position I had applied for, but they said I would be a good match for another position that they may be hiring for. On a positive note to add to that, one of my friends that works at the company (2 friends work there) texted me telling me their boss came in and asked about me. So here's hoping that hear back from them for that position!

  13. Default Re: How was your day?

    Phew...I need to think a lot about a new job offer.

    Current job: from 9am~1pm (sometimes 2pm) and pays decently well. Very flexible with scheduling days off and can also see and hang out with BF later in the day.

    New job: from 12pm ~ 4pm and pays better than the current. Little flexibility and will not be able to see BF due to time constraints.

    Decisions decisions...I need life advice on this ._.

  14. Default Re: How was your day?

    If you need the money and/or is a good career move go for it, otherwise why sacrifice life for more money?

    As for my days lately, school started again finally, I'm also learning Russian and I'm trying to watch as much of The International 5 as possible. I'm enjoying all of it and despite having almost no time left to play games or sleep that much.

  15. Default Re: How was your day?

    fuq michaels

    Still drowning in a financial crisis but slowly getting out of it I think maybe idk just waiting on that lovely financial aid to drop in

  16. Default Re: How was your day?

    My gut says I'm going to have a baaaaad week.

  17. Default Re: How was your day?

    i'm never drinking fireball again, despite how much i loved it previously. i'm also sorry to my friend for throwing up in your bed and making it smell like fireball. however, i can't help that you have bunk beds and your friend put me on the top bunk, went back outside, then i start screaming your names because i need to throw up but no one is coming to get me down. i am pretty sure i would've fallen 4 feet and died. god bless.

  18. Default Re: How was your day?

    moved to baltimore and finally settled in. grabbing the last pieces of furniture i need (ikea chairs) today and im good to go. way too much open space in my apt but id rather that than the opposite.

  19. Default Re: How was your day?

    Took me like 5 hours and 20 bucks to learn how to use a sewing machine and alter my own shirts. Absolutely worth the effort, now I can buy random pomegranate and have it fit!



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