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    Is high school over yet? Can I get anymore assignments that will require all of my time? Overstressed and no sleep makes me more stressed and causes freak outs. Not a good Monday at all. Have two scholarship applications until I'm done with all of them. June 3rd can't come quicker, actually May 26th since that's last day of class.

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    Got a 91.5% in my Business Communications class. That's excluding in attendance. If attendance is involved, should boost up that % to near 93-94%.

  3. | (◕ ‿◕)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ) Straight Male
    IGN: You
    Server: get
    Level: me
    Job: so confused.
    Guild: Follow the
    Alliance: Pretty Lights!



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    A pomegranate, everyone is just upset with me cuz i'm quitting a stupid class that i hate do

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    Hasn't started yet :D I don't have class till 12:30 PST ^__^

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    ...well, how was it?

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    Meh. State testing, which seniors don't take. So yay late arrival, and yay doing nothing in the rest of my classes. >__>
    Climax of my day: Turning around in lunch to see that some hot guy was looking in my direction and we met eyes, but I was probably over thinking it.


  8. Won't Be Coming Back Gay Male

    IGN: Scofflaw
    Server: Cain
    Level: 70
    Job: Wrecking Ball
    Guild: Factory


    Learned guy i crushed on ever since school year started is straight.

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    For some reason, easier than I had expected. But I'm still going to predict myself getting a 70-80% for my actual grade.

    Also, after the final, I decided to take my bestfriend's offer. He wanted to go to BestBuy so he could check out the BlackBerry Notebook thing or whatever. So I got a chance to go inside his car, he has a sportscar, manual and everything. It was pretty nice. Besides that, today was my last day at uni for this semester. Finals are pretty much done. I just have to turn in some homework electronically some time this week.

    My Summer vacation pretty much starts . . . now.

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    Copy of Wind Waker arrived earlier than expected, and I have an interview for a chance to go to Francis-Tuttle part time for computer software/hardware/game development.

    Got Alg II EOI tomorrow too. :<

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    Feeling great! Canucks scored to beat Blackhawks 4-3 >_>

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    Had a Calc test today, finished fairly quickly.

    I feel like I did extremely well, but I'm worried it's going to blow up in my face.

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    Put in for a transfer to another district, *sadfaise*
    Stupid people don't know how to tell time....your appointment was at 10 a.m. jackhole!
    Wasted time, grrrrrr.

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    I'm looking forward to my mass amount of school loan debt, while being forever alone.



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