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    I haven't been to bed yet, makes three days in a row. Work is going to be such fun tomorrow.
    Brunch sounds like fun. I hope my friends aren't late cuz I'm gonna eat with or without them.
    On the plus side, I'm making popsicles like the ones in that movie, "A Clockwork Orange". I hope they retain their shape.

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    Caught my first catfish (38lbs) after a spontaneous trip to the river last night/this morning. Awesome trip, but now I keep smelling fish, even after a shower.....

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    The mage and warrior JUMP extractions seem to have brought some new meat to Southperry. It's always fun to see some new faces and have some more activity in our Maple Q&A Board.

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    IGN: ShinkuDragon HoukaPhoenix BoshokuRaven
    Server: Scania
    Level: 152
    Job: Batman
    Guild: IDissOrtis


    i went to the local twin peaks for a burger tonight, on the way back, i find an iphone on the middle of the road, just shining brightly (the screen of course) so i pick it up.

    a few seconds later i find the owner, who was looking for it, apparently it fell from his pocket while ridinghis motorcycle, so his house is on the way, so we chat a bit and stuff, and he wants to invite me a beer another day for returning his ipod. guy was pretty chill, maybe i'll see him again sometime around.

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    Oooh, this is stickied.

    Well, I have class in 30 minutes. Another week of school, bleh.

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    IGN: Knight52
    Server: Earth
    Level: 534
    Job: Thread Breaker
    Guild: I'm bored of
    Alliance: political sh'it


    I feel suck at RA3; I can't beat medium bot AI in 2 players map.

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    Yesterday I grinded my ass off at LHC (Meant to post in this thread yesterday)

    Today I got an application from a temp agency so I can try to get a tech job somewhere.

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    Had a good day today. Got to work out at the gym and play some DFO. Had some delicious cake as well

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    8:45 PM, with my 13 chapter bio test tomorrow in the morning, followed by a history test.
    *continues procrastinating
    I really need some more efficient study methods instead of cramming stuff in at the last moment.

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    Server: get
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    Guild: Follow the
    Alliance: Pretty Lights!


    Being unemployed lasted for a short time. I got a job at another help desk and probably getting an interview with HP tomorrow. LIFE IS AWESOME

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    English teacher expresses disappoint at me not being in pre-ap II. I shrug.

    Later that day, I decide to hit up that old creek near the end of my neighborhood I went to all the time to fish during middle school. After gearing up, locking up the poochie and raging at my dad for hiding my good poles, I made the trek down to the ol' fishin' hole. The little bastards were just as cheeky as ever, eating up about half of the bait I had before I caught one, and I had to leave after reeling him in since he decided to just inhale the goddamn hook into it's cheek, forcing me to cut off the line and trudge alll the way home for a replacement. I bet the smug pimento is wearing it as some sort of trophy to show off to his fishy friends.

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    Your life seems really chill. Envy was had.

    As for my day. Maybe it was my overly geeky Robot Unicorn Attack t-shirt or just the way the air smelled today, my spirits were high as a kite. Nothing at all could bring me down and I hope I feel the same way as I head into Easter long weekend!

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  14. ☮♫♥ Gay Male
    IGN: FrozNlite
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 200
    Job: F/P ArchMage
    Guild: Brazzers
    Alliance: Heroes


    My life is insanely busy everyday, so for sake of not spamming this thread with all the crazy that happens - and changes - on a daily basis, I'll start with today and then go from there...posting other days when I feel like it...I guess....that's kind of the point of this thread...

    IN ANY CASE here was my day today:

    Late start to the morning. Woke up at 10:30am, got the gym at 11:25am, worked out till 12:05am. Went to Walgreens to pick up my photo print for my Dad's 51st birthday gift, along with a frame to go with it for his desk at the office. Also picked up a rainbow umbrella since Madison had the pomegranatetiest weather ever today (the cold conglomerate of disgusting known as rain/sleet/hail/snow that occurs when the temperate is ADDing between 30-36 degrees and precipitation is freezing, but isn't, but is, etc.; all this, of course, mixed with 20-30 mph wind gusts), and I wasn't going to let it rain on my parade (lolz).

    Drenched in cold rainsnow and sweat, I got back to my apartment to see my roommate finally got back from her weekend in Canada for Passover (she had been delayed in Chicago for two hours because of the storm).

    Made lunch of scrambled egg whites + spinach + wheat thins, then took a shower. Did logistic busy work and then caught the bus to the mall to drop off an application for J.Crew. Caught bus back to campus and made it to Immunology lecture just in time.

    Finished Immunology lecture and stayed in the Microbial Sciences building for another 30 minutes to get more logistic busy work done (emails, website work for organization, etc.) before catching bus back home. Microwaved some risotto for dinner, which I ate in the 15 minutes I had before leaving for my next event.

    Made it to the writer's meeting for the new fashion magazine I'm writing for, MODA, a few minutes late due to weather (pineapple slush and how much it slows you down). Picked two stories to write, talked to editor-in-chief about idea for massive undertaking for the site that we'll start over the summer, then ran to the other side of the union to make the LGBT Reteaching Gender & Sexuality event of the night.

    Was picked up right after the event by a friend who was driving us to the grocery store so we could each do massive grocery shopping. Finally got home with $170 of groceries (I do massive trips...enough food for 3+ weeks) at 10:30pm, and was done unpacking by 11pm. Sat down with Twizzlers and a chocolate matzoh cupcake my roommate made to watch Robot Chicken with her.

    Is now 12:54pm local time, exhausted typing all of this. Still need to finish some more logistic busy work with TONS more to do this week (on top of homework, but thankfully that's nowhere near as intense as it was last week), and have to get up for class at 8:30am local time. BLERGH LIFE.

    Love it, though. Life is good :).

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    Went to the dentist. Had a cavity. My mouth is now frozen. It feels awesome!

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    Gamestop pineappleed up my order, and I have a AP test at 7:30 tomorrow morning.


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    I had a busy day today. Attended all 4 classes which actually had interesting lectures, for once. I'm disappointed I received a C- on yesterday's calc homework. Eh... :<

    Currently typing an argument paper that's due on Monday, and I barely have the motivation to finish at least a page. OH JOY.

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    Gave a friend from work a ride home, didn't know that his home was 50 miles away.
    Got three appointment cancellations at work, took a really nice long lunch with my friend, Thomas.
    He showed me his new tattoo, he had to get naked to do so. Good times.

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    Didn't kiss a girl that I think was interested in me (she gave some hints, but I'm not sure), she's in a difficult situation too so I don't really know =P

    Guess I should have made the move.

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    Went to sleep 12 AM, woke up at 2 AM. Drove back to my apartment and got there by 5 AM. Took bath, printed lessons, went to college, class,class,class,Lab. Got back to my apartment by 1PM. Been alternating between working on some field trip paper and fooling around the internet until now.

    /sleep deprived.
    /mentally unstable.



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