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Thread: Pets?

  1. Harrisonized

    Default Pets?

    Which pets are associated with which quests? And which one gives the most. Also, do you have to have three to get 'follow the leader' or only two?

  2. Default

    For 'Follow the Leader' you only need one active pet. And during the course of the quest you'll need to purchase 'Pet Snacks' for 2,500 NX from the Cash Shop.

    The only quests I know of which are exclusive to certain pets would be that of the Evolutionary pets.

  3. Default

    This is true. There's hatch the dragon, Evolve the dragon, and re-evolve the dragon. For the robots there's evolve, re-evolve, and the two "pet ability" quests.

  4. Default

    I saw a guy in Leafre with 3 black dragons. I think that's a bit crazy to be honest. O.o

  5. Harrisonized


    So, dragon gives 3 quests while the robots give 4 quests?
    What other pets give pet exclusive quests (Eg Cat, Bunny, Monkey, ect)?

  6. Default

    No they give one quest. You just need to repeat the quest and keep buying the rock until you get the one you want.
    Other pets don't have exclusive quests.

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    There are the general quests with pets (Fanzy, Kenta, etc.), but there are no specific ones.



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