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  1. Default Naruto Thread (Spoilers For Sure)

    Okay yeah I had to do it.

    (From Chapter 530 and below)

    Omfg Naruto noticed the nine tails disturbance. That was pretty cool.

    Hanzo was so badass. He's like "I'm Hanzo mofo let me summon some stuff and weed these guys out." I wanna see what Samurai can do against him.

    For some reason I think Deidara and that short old Dust Kage guy will have a rematch, so I'm waiting for him to get out.

    Also, Asuma is kind of weak...I don't think he'd be that big of a problem to overcome. I bet they'll set it up so he dramatically crumbles apart in fufillment like Sasori did after Shikamaru says like "yeah...that peach you knocked up is doing fine you know."

    And also I'm a little pissed off that Kabuto keeps getting pineappleing people to summon. There has to be some kind of limit. This is just too much.

    So yeah. Continue to discuss.

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    ^ This

    It needs more Kakuzu action, he's one of my favorite characters.

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    There has to be a Naruto thread? Whyyyy.. But uh, I've been reading this for a while, and nothing surprises me anymore. Sasuke's still an emo, raging retard. Naruto's still trying to suck Sasuke's d`ick, etc. Sakuya's the only one in the group that really changed, she's not whiny anymore.



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    Sasuke hasn't even been shown for the longest time and sakura* still doesn't really DO anything, but has the ability to. She can heal, but how often does that happen?

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    Yeah I know he was a monster. He just stole 5 hearts and spit out some flying hair guys.

    They were like "Oh so we have to kill this nigguh 5 times?!" But since it's impure world ressurection he can't die, and he won't crumble away like Sasori/Sai's brother did. He's emotionless.

    Yeah I agree. Sakura can't do pomegranate in reality. She's pretty useless. I mean if she summons a slug and heals everyone after a battle by turning the slugs into little ones like Tsunade did, I'll be impressed. Otherwise she's garbage.

    Naruto is still chasing Sasuke and it's annoying that he's trying, but he's also learning this new trick. I bet he'll find out war is out, run out, and use his new Jutsu to destroy like a whole portion of white Zetsus.

    And yeah Gaara is a monster. His father probably isn't that strong, but I want to see his division fight.

    This whole "War" thing is exciting.

    I'm still waiting to see Nagato and six Pains start owning people.

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    Naruto only chases Sasuke because he promised Sakura because she -still cries about it- which me and my friend completely don't understand why she even ''cares'' about him in the first place.

    He -never- gave her the time of day and she only had a schoolgirl crush on him when they were kids, so WHAT. THE. HELL?! LET IT GO YOU DUMB BIMBO!

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    School girl crush? That's what ino and every other girl had. They were all in the same team ffs. Their experiences led to something more than just a crush, but sasuke was too busy with revenge and got mind f'ucked/manipulated by madara because of it. Why is it so unreasonable for them to chase after him and help him realize what he's doing to his own village is wrong?

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    It was a schoolgirl crush for her too, and like I said.... HE NEVER GAVE A CRAP ABOUT HER! -Naruto- showed her more attention than Sasuke ever did, and Naruto stays by her side, always, and does things for her. If she can't appreciate that then she deserves to be alone, just like a real woman with these problems.

    The whole ''chasing after Sasuke'' part of the series holds no value. The -real- pomegranate is happening with all of the ''sub'' stuff, like the war that's currently going on. The only time I care about anything Sasuke-related is when it's him doing epic battling, learning new techniques, etc.

    I hope Naruto ends by Naruto and Sasuke fighting and Sasuke dies.

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    Did i say he did actually care about her? No. >_> I've read the story too, lmfao.

    How does the chasing after sasuke thing hold no value? It's one of the bigger plot points in the series. Saying the sub stuff is the REAL story isn't true. As if anything else in the story is fake s''s all part of the same story, it's just broken, fragmented, and developed when the author feels like it. Usually it takes a long f'ucking time.

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    Naruto is gunna bring Sasuke to realize what a fool he is. Except Naruto will lose an eye and Sasuke will use that eye move that makes it close forever that Madara used against Pain's girlfriend which I cannot remember.

    And then Sasuke donates his last eye to Naruto and Naruto becomes kind of like the Sage of Six Paths and stops Madara, Madara being the final enemy.

    Oh and right before that Naruto pineapples Hinata so they can have a kid.

    Edit: Did I mention this was all wild fantasy speculation at best.

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    I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with Sakura loving Sasuke anymore. And that Naruto isn't only chasing after Sasuke for Sakura's sake either. The point is that they were on the same team, and gained a sortof sibling relationship with eachother. They looked after eachother and all that, and then
    I mean, the almost exact same scenario happened with Team Sarutobi, but Tsunade never loved Orochimaru, and Jiraya never loved Tsunade. But both Tsunade and Jiraya went chasing after Orochimaru for awhile because they were "siblings" to eachother.

    That's the only reason.

    Anyways, the whole unpure resurection thing is stupid, It's always been stupid >.> It's totally ambiguous too. How do you stop it? Have the original user deactivate it OR infuse lovey dovey powers on them so they pass on peacefully OR you seal them permanently a la Hidan

    Oh and it's gonna end with Naruto and Sasuke dying, to make up for the total cop out during the pain arc.

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    I still think it's a bullpomegranate move to keep naruto away from the battle.
    He's stronger than all(Idk i think him and killerbee are two strongest, only because naruto hasn't mastered the fox chakra 100% and killerbee is in full synch with his beast) of the people fighting to defend him, it's just as safe for him to be fighting as it is to stay behind <_<
    It's not as if madara can just capture him easily, if that was the case he'd have captured him a long time ago.

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    Naruto is strong, but he's retarded and would probably be a hazard to everyone around him. Not to mention he won't make tactical moves, which War calls for. Which is why smart/pro people like Kakashi, Darui, KitchiahRockGuy and Gaara are leading.

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    I don't think it holds any value because it's rarely used.


    Edit: @Obelisk:
    Naruto shows that he's actually incredibly tactical. He comes off as a dork around everyone but when he's in battle he ends up pulling some crazy tactics and beats everyone's asses.

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    Wasn't the point so that Madara doesn't get an open chance to catch Naruto and Bee? And if Madara tried to direcly infiltrate the base, he'd have to deal with 3 Kages, Bee, Naruto and whatever elite guard they have. Madara is awesome in 1v1 fights or even 2v1, but he can't fight a group of people unscathed.

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    Why does that matter when shikamarus dad has been communicating telepathically? o.o

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    Yeah...Shikamaru's Dad has been saving the day. Hmmm. Okay maybe Naruto could go to the war. I'd bet he'd match up well against some of the Impure guys.

    Not like how Neji was one of the baddest mother pineappleers a long time ago, and now he's peaching that White Zetsu's are a problem.

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    My point is, if the enemy can't defeat the people defending naruto they can't defeat him either.
    Also gotta love kishi's math skills.

    6 hundred billion, if you tried to calc just how much paper that is...

    -insert picture i can't be bothered to find that totally tells you there's like 20k shinobis in the shinobi army-
    Idk, if konoha is a big town then how can there be 20k shinobis in total?

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    Except, you know, they can regenerate like the normal zetsu.

    @above: the allied force is 80k strong.

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    Sorry forgot it's even bigger than 20k, still way too many compared to the 5 towns..
    As i said i cba to find the pic so i went with that i remembered xP seems i was wrong



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