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    Wish i knew this before i made my 90 power crystals, 20 dex, 30 luck, and 50 diamond....

    God damit i just can't win....

    Oh well they were taking up space on my on my ore mule =/

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    I'm pretty sure it got easier for just about every mineral to be refined: before, you needed 10 ores for a plate/jewel. Now you only need 1 to 6 depending on the ore. Glad I saved all my ores.

    It seems to me that fusion is just recycling 2 failed attempts at an equip to get a 3rd chance. Better than nothing though.

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    Yeah, Lidium is the highest level jewel you can make and it requires 6 ores.

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    Awesome. 72/120 ores for my dark angelic, then.

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    22/120 F4

    And you gotta remember you might not get refined ores everytime, you could get powders...

    Just wondering, dark angelic gives some sort of cool effect or is it just a cool name?

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    Awesome stats and a cool effect. Step up from angelic ring.

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    ooooo cool effect. Me want

    got any pic of it? And is it the only ring that gives an effect?

    Who wants to bet nexon will make it give no effect and make "another" cash shop version that covers up a ring for the effect

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    Two is the minimum number of ores you need to make a plate; the only exception is the worn silver plate that you make in the tutorial quest.

    I got powders about 15% of the time when making plates.

    The really confusing thing is the way they reorganized the quality of the jewels and ores. Silver and Opal are used for level 40 equips, Orichalcum and Amethyst are used for level 50 equips, Steel and Sapphire are used for level 60 equips, Bronze and Adamantium are used for level 70 equips, and so on.

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    Go on spadows blog and search "forging the angelic ring".

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    I now want that ring (too bad its bind on equip, must make multiple rings F5, not wasting karma scissors..) and the new personality system.

    L>time travel into the future to speed up waiting!

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    You cannot wear multiple angelic or dark angelic bless rings.

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    I mean for multiple characters. Im not wasting a scissor everytime i need to transfer equips xD

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    At least we can finally Fill the Rings Slots without crappy rings no more.

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    You have higer possibilities to get undentified potential equips than those dropped from mobs.
    Lv10 Blacksmith ,Jewel Crafting :20%
    Lv9 Blacksmith,Jewel Crafting : 17%
    Lv8 Blacksmith,Jewel Crafting : 14%
    and so on.
    For Alchemy combining equips, you have the same possibilities as above.
    Angelic Ring and Dark Angelic Ring can't be equipped together.
    They have cool effect and give you good buf. The prior gives you 5 ATT/MATK. The latter gives you 10 ATT/MATK.

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    This guide really made me excited for the patch to reach GMS! props to you for that. I do have a question though: Is it easier to acquire things like ores after the patch then it is now? Just asking this to know if I should start hoarding everything up. Oww and which profession do you recommend for main characters and sides?

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    Jewelry is definitely the best profession unless you need to make level 130 equips. Blacksmithing is just a pomegranatety version of the current Maker.

    Alchemy is a good profession to invest in on a mule for potions and crystals.

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    yay for having multiple 4th job characters! Now i can have 1 of everything and then some!

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    Indeed. I will have 2 of everything myself.

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    Do we have a drop list for recipes?

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    just wondering are magic powder still same as the maker ite or a new id..?



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