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  1. Default XP Comparisons Pre/Post GMSBB - Followup

    Followup from here.
    Comparison of '2010-08-01' to '2010-08-31' and '2011-01-01' to '2011-01-31'


    World By Class

    Classes overall, ignoring world.


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    mm if im reading this correct, warriors actually level better after big bang.

    I also want to say archers and mages as well, but i have a sneaking suspicion that the numbers are only that high because a lot of people remade a battlemage and wh. Also all the lolwh hackers skew the results too.

    I see Evan got a boost as well. People preparing one for when they become ninja dragon masters after chaos? O.o

    I wish i can say that lion heart castle will help leveling, but really I don't know if its great experience at that high of a level (170+)

    EDIT: WAIT JUST A HELL'S MINUTE. What are those dual blade results! That's gotta be a mistake or something.

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    Battlemages aren't represented in this data because
    A) They're not lumped in with the mage class, just like Evans aren't
    B) They didn't exist both before/after.

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    Oh i see, I guess I can rule out all the other resistance as well?
    And you got to tell me those dual blade info has to be something wrong or..I dont know...Not even mages leveled as fast as dual blades?

    EDIT: Well I guess it could happen if everyone quit their dual blade after big bang. But man, that means a lot of people had to quit in order for those numbers be that different.

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    What the hell @ dual blade pre-BB numbers. 13 billion exp? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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    Did you see lvl 19x Aran pre-BB? 40 billion exp!

    Also I'm not surprised warriors are getting more exp now since they finally figured out they can grandpa / HT solo effectively now lol

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    I like how I leveled to the point (pre-BB) where now in Big Bang it gets worst for me :(

    i never had it easy! :( lmao

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    The first words that came to my mind when I checked that.


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    187 billion DB on Broa and 100 billion BM on Bera beat them...

    for sure.

    Broa Aran gaining 37 bil post-BB deserves mention though.

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    37bil exp in 30 days is, assuming 8 hours per day of play, means 42k exp per second. I can hardly believe those results.

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    If there were only one Aran, then of course it would be unbelievable, but there aren't and I'm too lazy to sift through the pages to determine how many there are.

    It is also important to note that hackers may make up a large portion of whatever category you may be looking at, for example, Galician high-leveled mage values probably are inflated due to ToT hackers.

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    Yeah if you check out the ETL (at least as of a week back this was true) the warrior section in bera was filled with 110-130 lvl dks with the exact same lvl 80 set and random letter names. 40 out of the top 50. I think that has probably skewed the data at least a little bit.

    Overall about what I'd expect, especially once you get into the 180-190 range.

    Edit: It's not as bad as before but you can still clearly make out quite a few hackers. I realize that that's the nature of the ETL and they won't be removed or anything, I just find it an interesting way to track the obvious ones.



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