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  1. Default [1.2.366] Strengthening Scrolls

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    After delving into a 12 MB patch and not finding a whole lot to be excited about, I thought these scrolls were extremely interesting - perhaps even overpowered.

    5성 장비강화 주문서
    #c업그레이드가 끝난 장비 아이템#을 5성로 단계 강화시킨다.\n강화차수가 높을수록 고급옵션 적용확률 상승\n강화 실패 시 아이템 파괴\n\n#c[강화 성공확률] 70%#
    Force Upgrade: 5
    Success Rate: 50%
    Cursed Rate: 50%

    3성 장비강화 주문서
    #c업그레이드가 끝난 장비 아이템#을 7성 단계로 강화시킨다.\n강화차수가 높을수록 고급옵션 적용확률 상승\n강화 실패 시 아이템 파괴\n\n#c[강화 성공확률] 60%#
    Force Upgrade: 7
    Success Rate: 30%
    Cursed Rate: 50%

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    New "Enhancement" Scrolls. Neat-o

    My guess is that when you have a certain number of stars, you can use these.


    These scrolls grant the number of stars?

    The former seems more likely.

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    I like how the strings say 70/60 and the actual rates are 50/30...

    Hopefully they've been smart enough to check these against lolexploits.

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    Goddamn... I want my 1% 100-star enhancement scroll already... :(

    (I used sarcasm for those who didn't get it...)

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    I would find this interesting if I didn't know NexonNA is gonna make them available only through gachapon...

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    I so called this
    I wonder what it ups? All stats the item has by 7/5? x_x

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    How does this power up scrolls exactly? They just buffed up the success rate?

    Edit: Oh, forced upgrade, meaning 5 attack added?

    I hope it translates to our current weapons. Imagine...going from 45 weapon attack, too 63 o_O.

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    Just like enhancement and potential scrolls were, right?

    Oh wait.

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    More like dark scrolls

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    Honestly, this was true when they were first released, but now that's even an outdated statement. dark scrolls drop from some world tour mobs, plus some quests. And there's dark scrolls for accessories that drop from kerning mall mobs, too.

    There's nothing NexonNA has done recently to point to these scrolls being gachapon only. If it were a chair, I would agree.

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    Watch them drop from cygnus queen.

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    All right, let me change what I said so you don't get all angry and pro-nexon on me. Watch Nexon America make them available as a very rare drop from Chaos Zakum/HT pink bean, Cygnus... and come out from gachapon.

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    Is it a 5-star enhancement scroll, ie go directly to 5 stars, or does it only work on items with +5 stars? I can't read the engrish from google-translate :(

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    I'm thinking it could work like this:

    It works like a normal Enhancement Scroll, except that its Success rate will not decrease and it has a lower destruction rate. However, it starts off with a lower success rate than the Enhancement Scrolls (50% or 30%). However, if the equipment it's being used on already has 5 or 7 stars, its success rate rises to 70% or 60% respectively (for the two different scrolls, of course).

    In other words,

    If <5 stars,
    50% Scroll: 50% Success Rate
    30% Scroll: 30% Success Rate

    If 5~6 stars,
    50% Scroll: 70% Success Rate
    30% Scroll: 30% Success Rate

    If >7 stars,
    50% Scroll: 70% Success Rate
    30% Scroll: 60% Success Rate

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    From what I got from the google-translate I think is an insta 5 stars for the 70&#37; and insta 7 stars for the 60% but with an additional bonus of 50% rate for the 70% and 30% rate for the 60% and a 50% destroy rate.

    In other words the 5 star scroll has 70% to make the item 5 stars with the usual if it fails it'll get destroyed plus a new bonus with a chance of 50% and to spice things up 50% destroy rate, so I guess their like dark scrolls, if it is like that no wonder the tradeblock.

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    RNG within RNG? Ingenious!



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