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    Is the last one the Boss music?

  2. Proton
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    Mu Lung PQ I'm guessing. It does say Mureung, which is what the Koreans call Mu Lung, right?

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    Yes, it's Mu Lung PQ. Keep up, people!

    *listens to music now*

    Eh, this batch of music isn't very good. ~_~ It's kind of annoying, honestly.
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    I like the 3rd song the best ^^. I could imagine listening to all these would get annoying after an hour or so, though. You can only be so upbeat after getting your butt whopped over and overů

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    Thanks Fiel,but i dont have sound x)
    So,i didnt like any ._.

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    They sound AWFUL....

    It's really one of the most annoying and disgusting BGM for PQs so far. lololo.

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    lol, I reckon this is at least slightly better than the Kerning PQ BGM, it sounded so dull that I felt like my head was about 2 explode from boredom...

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    They're digusting. The third and last are best though, and from the last MP3 I think we can safely assume there's a boss in the PQ. Unless Fiel's extracted stuff already and we know there's a boss. Then I'm just stupid.

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    it's not too bad Music Oo
    Though, I can agree on that it would get on your nerves after awhile.
    Other then that I like it =)

    Edit: I'm confused on how ppl think this music is crap Oo
    it's a Korean themed Music, Though sounds a bit like Malaysian.
    I guess each to their own ~_~
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    O M F G

    Anyone seen my ears !?! i think they just runned away when i clicked play on media player....

    god dam , please just keep this music track away from the game please Nexon ???

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    I'm a MapleStory BGM fan, but this doesn't sound very good. They could've done better.

  12. Won't Be Coming Back

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    it goes from worse to worser, when 4 is worse and 1 is the worset

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    Well, it fits the Kung Fu theme, at least. Also, have in mind that it's just for boss battles.

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    Plain. Boring.

    They seriously could do better than that.

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    There are ~36 bosses in the PQ... (it appears to be 32 actual bosses and some more that are summoned - like Papulatus' stars)

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    Maybe, just maybe, 3 of those are for the 6 first stages, and each boss could have its theme, from the area it's from, and the last one, for the panda boss.



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