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  1. Default [1.2.362] PvP skill tweaks

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    - The level 140 items had their set stats changed. The MDEF/WDEF boost is now with two items. The All Stat boost was raised from 15 to 20.
    - Many of the changes that were included to Dark Ereb in KMS were also included in KMST. This includes a buffing of the Cygnus boss and overall weakening of Dark Ereb mobs.

    New Login Screen


    Skill Changes



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  2. Default

    More cool rings with nice stats. Neat. :D Sucks none of the rings they're adding has slots, but i guess to some people that would be a good thing.

    Skill tweaks? More like skill additions, lol. Any idea what those new skills do? They don't seem to be the same at all. Class exclusive pvp skills it looks like.

  3. Default

    These were the same skills that were added before that were supposed to be pure PvP skills. They since added these PvE variables. Its overall effect on the skill is unknown.

  4. Default

    That ring is named Cygnus's ring. :<

  5. Default

    I don't understand how the higher leveled ring doesn't get PvP damage too. Unfair.

    Edit: Nvm F3 I see that the PvP ring expires...

    So I guess that other ring is just regular...

  6. Mercury Male
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    Server: Earth
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    Pouch... Are those items for new equip slot you mentioned long ago - pocket?

    Wonder whose continent 9 belongs to....

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    The level 130 ring in the other thread has 2 slots but no weapon/,magic att. That's something at least.

  8. Default

    I don't know yet how you get to the PVP arena entrance, however it would be cool if you could just challenge anyone anywhere and if that person accepted both would be moved to the PvP arena entrance. Once its over you could walk out through a portal and go back to the map you were at. It would be a cool way to settle things and ks :3

    Edit: Eww sorry double post. I am a bit sleepy

  9. Default

    Yep, but the pocket slot is a bit weird. You have to level up your Charm personality stat to unlock it.
    You can buy pocket items from the NPC Doro, the guy with the briefcase, for 50k each. I think each of them adds 3 to a different stat.

    There's a taxi that takes you there, for Victoria Island at least. Once you're in, to leave, you have to click 'exit' at the bottom of the menu.

  10. Default

    >Cygnus got buffed to 2.1billion hp.

    ... It's official this boss is impossible to defeat.
    And, can anyone get the android? Or do only creators get it?

  11. Default

    I really wasn't expecting books to be pouch equipment.......

  12. Default

    I like how the login screen has people idolizing the android girl.

  13. Can of Soup Male
    IGN: LunaMimosa
    Server: El Nido
    Level: 134
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    Guild: Some no-name guild
    Alliance: Read above.


    A woman that does what she's told? what's not to lo -shot by feminists-

    The giant character is both wtp and awesome btw.

    Starting with the potential system... This game is finally getting some depth and complexity. Is this game even being developed by the same studio anymore? After seeing 30&#37;/70% scrolling gear be the main 'thing to do' for so long i find it hard to believe the same guys are still behind this game. Nonetheless i love where this game is going now.

  14. Default

    Well Fiel didn't put a Set spoiler like the other ones, and plus there are no other "Cygnus' ____" equipment

  15. Default

    Just want to ask some KMS/KMST players here - does this thing look familiar to any of you?:

  16. Default

    That most likely is the Ice Knight from PvP mode.

  17. Default

    Awesome Looking.

  18. Default

    Makes sense but...Ice Knight mode is 1 vs everyone else, right? Something like S4L's Chaser and Halo's Juggernaut, right?

    Because it wouldn't be PvP if it's everyone vs AI Ice Knight...

    Oh wait, so someone will become that thing? I wonder if there's a female version because that looks obviously male.



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