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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.361] Level 140 Items

  1. Default [1.2.361] Level 140 Items

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    - The Character items here, of course, belong in sets.
    - New PvP only skills

    Credit to Evilince for posting it

    PvP Skill Changes

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    Those gloves, longcoat, shoes? what the hell, do want all please. I wonder what it takes to get the entire sets.

    Is it possible for someone to make little models wearing these items together? I'd like to see how it all looks together.

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    O wow, new gear. Coolio.

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    Once again, extremely high stat requirements.. Poor bowmen and warriors -_-
    I can understand the weapons requiring dex/str, that's fair, but not the armor..
    What's the point of a set if you need ridicule amounts of base stat just to wear it and you end up with 200+ dex cause of the useless dex bonus on the items <_<
    I think that these set should not require any secondary stats, only the weapons should, that's just how i see it anyway.

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    When you have all 6 in a set, you get +45 WATK. Still think that's terrible?

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    Yes. Reason stated above.

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    Right at this point, I don't even give a DAMN if any of the above items need LUK for my mage to wear, this totally KILLS my current equips (including my 40 int Reverse Myst Blue)

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    Well, for Mages it's obviously 45 MATK. Just want to make that clear.

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    Retarded amounts of + secondary stat makes no sense at all.

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    The magician set looks to be pretty decent at least, also awesome colour scheme. :>

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    When the set is worn together it gives

    +93 of your secondary stat...

    sooo.. you could loophole your way into lowering your secondary o.O

    [Edit] Saw the set bonuses, those well make up for the high stat requirement imo.

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    On top of that, they all have the same tier of level 71+ potential. If they had the old tier of 121+, it would have been much better investment.

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    Ah, the 140 items can be PSoK'd. Scripts didn't catch it. Hold on...

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    I'm in love with this set even more now. Because for me, I hate having equips that, once equipped, are worthless in the market.

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    Well this new deal makes it totally impossible to have lowest amount of secondary stat if you want to wear a full set. Accessories wil help, but by no means be enough.

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    ugh... my jaw dropped >_> those look like some insane stat boosts from equips as well as set bonuses..

    .. though I must say some of the secondary stat requirements seem quite harsh..

  17. Proton
    IGN: WindChaser
    Server: Kradia eMS
    Level: 124
    Job: El worshipper
    Guild: Miyavizm
    Alliance: Onion


    +1 from hat
    +1 from cape
    +1 from shoes
    +5 from gloves
    +2 from overall

    Its a lot of att/matt.....55 extra att compared to the usual when fully equipped. Imagine if you chaos everything for more attack.

    I do agree with Azure, the requirement is kinda high, imo ALL equips (not just those) shouldnt have a need for secondary stat, only primary, and only the weapons would need secondary. Thats how it is for bowmen and it rocks

    Edit: typo

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    AP reset should be given after this patch.
    The set bonus's are the only reason why statless classes have ended

  19. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
    IGN: Helsinki
    Server: MYBCKN
    Level: 220
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Friends
    Alliance: Unbreakable


    Why in hell would any Aran choose this over 130lvl Pole Arm, that is FAST?

    I though these were improved versions from previous ones.


    Anyways, I should raise my base Dex, to get 160base for pineappleingFAST 130lvl version of the new PA?



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