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    This. Based on just how drastically various skills were changed, and some removed, I'm willing to bet as well that Fiel's second prediction is correct.

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    I really can't see PvP working unless players are instantly given 99% PD/MDrate during PvP matches, otherwise it would be a contest to see who hit's their attack key faster.

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    This,but,Spadow's evan wasn't killing fast.

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    it got murdered fast.

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    Now if only Blizz could do the same to WoW's PvP.

    Also I'm with Kaos on this one, it'd seem like Sanc would be OP as hell in PvP due to the massive damage on a 40sec, possibly 20sec if CO works on PvP adjusted skills, cooldown.

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    Ok, I'm quite curious about the new skills... What do they do? Anyone willing to translate or something? I mean the PVP ones, that apparently got non PVP values too.

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    8% fake? Really? :(

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    The Warrior skill gives additional damage based on the amount of defense you have, I think.

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    Keeping the invincibity frames could be helpful depending on how you look at it. If someone randomly casted their ultimate while you were fighting someone else you could use your iframes to dodge the instant kill.

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    Does snatch -> barrage -> demo = god combo?


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