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Thread: [GMS] [0.94] Singapore nerf

  1. Default [0.94] Singapore nerf

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    - Evan Skills fixed
    - DB skills fixed
    - Looks like Showa/Jipangu back image fixed from having seizure inducing flickering
    - The descriptions for the Evolving Ring were modified to not show the stats.

    The mob changes reflect the new values from this patch.
    I did not check for the boss flag in this extraction.

    Skill Changes

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    Oh God YES!!!

    Took them long enough!!

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    You have level 100 mobs listed in your 101-110, a level 90 mob in your 91-100, level 80 mobs in your 81-90 and level 140 mob in your 141-150.

    Also, what do you mean by DB skills fixed?

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    also, are there still zak hp bar values in korean?

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    They're still fairly above average than most monsters, but none the less, good job Nexon.

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    finally gallos will be peacefull again lol

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    They still have an awesome map with great spawn.

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    Not to mention their exp is still slightly above the norm.

    But, it won't be KS fest '10 anymore.

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    1. Thanks, fixed.
    2. The maxLevel was raised to its proper value and a masterLevel was added. This is how it should have been from the start.

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    I don't see any changes for super boss mobs. This patch only affected Singapore.

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    yeah but less kser :D

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    Is this like a "hotfix" or sorts, or is it coming out on the 20th?

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    when this patch is going to be? or he was already and i didnt noticed?

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    It comes out when it comes out. I have no idea when that happens. The patch file was uploaded on their server, so I snagged it.

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    is the db skill issue the same with evans ? if not then what happened to evans skills ?

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    They both stem from the same issue. NexAM used the wrong variable. It should be fixed now.

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    Thank you nexon, so waited for that :D


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