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    I would also love to see this, but just getting a dump of the sprites would get the job done. Banned Story could do the rest, unless they changed how it saves stuff.

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    Pretty weak, whatever CT may mean. I miss the days when completing a set meant things like +3 class skills, +50 res all, +30str/dex/vit/ene, and you glowed.

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    Ooo, looks like Sairs get a new bullet to play with.

    600 per slot
    unit price is 1.0
    +22 WATK
    required level 130

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    Seeing level 130 set items made me think they were beginning to develop the area past Time Temple... then I saw +% PVP Damage.

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    There are new arrows as well.

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    Looks like nexon still hates pirates. Their cape is level 120, while the others are 130.

    Also, am I the only one that likes the 160 dex requirement?

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    Stole this from Max.

    Patch Notes

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    They are. The Door to the Future opens up in this patch.

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    The +PVP damage set effects comes from the rings and other accessories, if I'm not mistaken.

    But either way, since they're including a PVP environment, I don't see how adding them to the Lv130 equips would make them not indicate a high level area...

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    Look at all those new rings. Look at them.

    I'm very happy that we're getting some nice non-event rings into the game.

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    and nerdgasm.

    I'm busy fanboygasming at the Android pet, thank you very much.

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    600 per slot?

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    I thought it wasn't a pet. If it was, I'd gladly buy a perma version of it.

    Does it really matter? I hardly ever have to recharge my bullets with the amount of slots the current ones have. They're also 1 meso a bullet, isn't that cheaper than other bullets? I never really check the price when I recharge.

  14. Lead Ball
    IGN: Watt
    Server: 루na
    Level: 240
    Job: Hero
    Guild: 깜찍
    Alliance: 깜찍qkff
    Farm: 에디


    the image of all lvl 130 sets down there

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    My thoughts exactly. I enjoy not having to go for a recharge for like ever. I'd go through 600 bullets in like less than 10 minutes.

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    MMOCulture said that the Android pet can be crafted using the profession skills. No idea how true this is, but I'm so gonna get a perma Android no matter how much it will cost me if it's a CS pet.

  17. In my dreams... Gay Male
    IGN: CalmSonata
    Server: YMardiaCK
    Level: 200
    Job: Phantom
    Guild: Kinetic/Ceremonials
    Alliance: Southperu
    Farm: GagaVille


    Other than the stats, I'd say they did a great job with the equips. So many variations on the accessoriesss...

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    Time to go bling-bling.

    I'm so gonna go for Jewelry Craft and Equipment Craft on my Shad.

    p.s. Okay, so it's not a Shad yet. Hopefully it will be by then.

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    Looking forward to these times coming into the game. Would gladly give up 160 points of my main stat to wear something that looks so awesome.

    Although just the bonuses from the level 130 accessories + MW gives at least 40 secondary stat, clean.

  20. I've got no strings Straight Male
    IGN: Ryukiro
    Server: Scania
    Level: 183
    Job: Night Lord
    Guild: Vigilante
    Alliance: Lore


    Pretty sick. Do want.


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