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  1. Default [1.2.356] Maplestory Chaos

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    Yeah, it's alllll here.

    Here's what I'm seeing so far:

    - New accessory type - Purses. Probably a better word for them would be "Pouch".
    - Potential stats changed
    - Potential stats added a new attribute - weight (I have as much of an idea of what it is as you do at this point)
    - New weapon types - Shovels and Pickaxes
    - New Character.wz equip class - Android. My gut reaction here is that this Android stuff is much different from the Android event in GMS. Not even close.
    - I also see new set items. Some set items increase the amount of damage you do in PvP.
    - Mobs have a new attribute called "incCharismaEXP". No idea what this is at this point.
    - Morph.wz greatly expanded - 38 new morph animations which all represent different mobs in the game.
    - Gaga, surprise surprise, changed to be standing next to a chemistry set.
    - More skill changes, of course. I'll be covering this later.
    - Skill.wz expanded a lot... tough for me to talk about this now as it will take much longer to parse through these changes.

    L> Patch notes si vous plait

    Skill Changes

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    I want to carry a purse! I want to be an android!

    This is a long shot, but perhaps weight will be the first stat to HINDER you, perhaps by lowering speed and jump.

    EDIT: Sorry, I've never had a high level Aran before, but what's that white hawk next to her?

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    I´m super curious! D:
    And i love how that dualblade looks like on that poster. o-O

    Ehh shovels and pickaxes? Can we mine and dig stuff? xD that would be funny. (:
    And does the Skill.wz expansion mean that skills changed? or that there are new ones added?

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    All very interesting changes. Will the weight system exist to limit the power of potential equipments like similar systems in other games? I hope so.

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    Yes, yes.

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    Conclusion: The next update brings female gardening android class

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    MetaSeraphim gets his monocle with this update.

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    The expanded skill.wz probably has to do with the PvP versions for skills. Or something like that.

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    The pickaxe is for killing your enemies in PvP, the shovel is for burying the bodies.

    On a more serious note, the first thing I thought of when I read about the charisma exp is that it will probably have to do with fame.

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    Could the weight be the amount of slots that your pouch has maybe? Like you can carry more weight so its bigger?

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    Nope. I'm still investigating what it is, but it's definitely not this.

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    They've had it as Aran artwork since release.

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    In a link in the other thread in the general section, they said the Android is a pet, and can be crafted through one of the profession skills.

    IDk, if that's accurate though.

    I'm dying to find out if the new boss is indeed a corrupted Cygnus empress.

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    First thing comes to mind on weight is vindictus.

  16. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    Oooooooooooooooooooooh. Even more excited now. If that was possible.

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    Would be horrible if they suddenly add some kind of restriction on how much potential gear u can wear in light of how much moeny some have shelled out.



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