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    A whole thread dedicated to me? :D
    How could I miss it.

    Thanks for the list.

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    Just curious, does anyone know the new speed of Ghost Lettering/Phantom Imprint?

  3. Self-titled badass
    IGN: Gambiarra
    Server: Culverin
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    Guild: Century
    Alliance: Foreigners


    I love my PSB

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    Wait... When was Dragon strike 1080ms ?
    According to JoeTang, DS went from 1080 to 1320.
    But in the GMS big bang table, Dragon strike is 1320, is that one wrong or was DS never 1080?...
    Or Dragon Strike was buffed to 1080 with restructuring but then nerfed back to 1320? o.o

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    It appears that DS has been reverted back to its original attack speed i suppose. For the love of Bucs let's hope that this is a horrible miscalculation. This would essentially revert us back to what we do pre BB, but with little to no iFrames to utilize.

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    Pre-BB Dragon Strike: Normal (6): 1440ms / Faster (2): 1080ms - is there still a 2 sec cooldown on it, or was that removed already?
    Post-BB Dragon Strike: Normal (6): 1080ms / Faster (2): 810ms
    New Dragon Strike: Normal (6): 1320ms / Faster (2): 990 ms

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    The numbers I used were for patch 1.2.332, right before Mechanics were released I believe, and nothing was noted to have changed since then.

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    The number Fiel listed in the GMST module for delays has Dragon Strike in Normal (6) 1320ms

  9. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
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    Delay nerf to Dragon Strike. Whyyyyy? Was it really that good?

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    Restructuring delays have been fixed.

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    What?! But we need to panic more!

    Was it an issue with your addition, or did they patch it?

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    See the other delays thread.

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    Well. The only real changes apparently were

    Ice Strike -> 1290ms
    Arrow Rain/Eruption -> 1300ms
    Double Uppercut -> 870ms
    Invisible Shot -> 780ms
    Shark Wave -> 1050ms

    and the Mechanic and Evan Changes whatever they were originally.

    Buffs in bold.

    Assuming everything is 100% correct this time, Imprint is still better DPS than Illusion. Enjoy using a 30 point Mastery skill to do less damage slower.
    660/0.840 = 785.7%/s
    175*4/0.96 = 729.2%/s

    Double Upper is now 517.2%/s compared to 433.3%/s Flash Fist, and 724.1%/s after Brawling Mastery compared to 666.7%/s Energy Drain, which requires level 11+ Barrage and level 1 Demolition to beat.



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