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Thread: Market Updates

  1. Default Market Updates

    First wave...

    • Minimum donation is now 1,000 Karma
    • Donations can no longer be made to Mods, Admins, Banned users or Fiel.
    • 30 day wait period between user name changes.
    • SPP now work
    • Font List expanded to full SP font list.

    2010-11-26 21:05
    • User Name Font Face added
    • User Title Font Face added
    • A crap-ton of redundant code removed.

    2010-11-27 12:36
    • Background's for Thread, Post, Username & UserTitle now available. The more obnoxious ones are the most expensive.
    • Thread title font face added.
    • Changed steal attempts to donations to other users
    • Resets added for nearly everything.

    2010-11-27 16:49
    • "Outlined" has been added to the available colors for glowing, to give a black border instead of a glow.

    Additional update notes will be made via editing this post throughout the weekend.
    Last edited by Eos; 2010-11-27 at 05:52 PM.

  2. the Immutable Neuter
    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
    Level: 25
    Job: Sailor
    Guild: USN
    Alliance: VAQ-141 Shadowhawks


    Lol, fiel stands alone. =P

    SPP now works, so events are also in the works?

  3. Default

    Congrats! You fixed the donation system. I was kinda..abusing it till you caught on <<

    Sorry Eos.

  4. Default

    So that's why you have more refunds than me. I'm onto your secret now, Zelkova!


  5. Default

    Much needed changes there.

    How about removing me from "Most Steal Attempts"? I look like a giant thief haha.

  6. Default

    Chins are giant thieves so at least it's appropriate.

    Replacing that with Most Donations is on the ToDo list though.

  7. Default

    No, you have mistaken chinchillas for raccoons.

  8. Default

    Nuh uh. They're as bad at hoarding as ferrets are.

  9. Default

    You dare despise the Chinchilla King's "Chinchilla Decency Act"?! I'll see to it that he carefully reviews your residency, and may you be subject to the bee cannon.

  10. Default

    So, how many people were donating below 1,000 karma anyway?

  11. Default

    Honestly it isn't unless you're planning to abuse it. Shouldn't be an issue anyway because normal people have to pay for each name change, but who knows maybe someone might have a lot of money to spend.

    (Thanks, Eosian. I had my fun but I suppose it could've gotten out of hand.)

  12. Default

    This is too big for posting.

  13. Default

    He isn't alone. :(

    I will probably not have any points to use until these so-called forum events, but updates are always nice.

  14. Default

    useridLegalAbusiveGrand Total useridLegalAbusiveGrand Total
    Zelkova173047 Zelkova3447530034775
    ThatWasMyKil 22 ThatWasMyKil 2.12.1
    Hazzy 7070 Hazzy 00
    Khoi2 2 Khoi3100 3100
    Jon415 Jon440014401
    Kurtle3 3 Kurtle3300 3300
    Sarah1 1 Sarah1235 1235
    Daku224 Daku26601382798
    Kunagisa 11 Kunagisa 11
    Mute3 3 Mute7790 7790
    Derosis 11 Derosis 400400
    Fiel 11 Fiel 400400
    Waffles1 1 Waffles5000 5000
    TøbiasBlack1 1 TøbiasBlack1010 1010
    Grand Total34108142 Grand Total629701242.164212.1

  15. Default


    (money wise....)

  16. Default

    Were you punished?

  17. Default

    y is mai naem un der?


    Lol @ Abusive. Would you be able to define what you meant by abusive? Was it based by a certain #? Or is it just donating like.. 1's at someone, as an example?

  18. Default

    In my MIND! I punish myself..

  19. Default

    Just to clear this up, I did not do anything abusive. Derosis sent me 400 karma for helping him with his technical problems (I guess?) so I sent it back. I really have no use for Karma, so I'm glad these changes were implemented.



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