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  1. Default Happy Thanksgiving

    Dig on in.

    Sorry, no yams or cranberry gunk, I'm selfish.

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    Yes, they are.

  3. Default

    I can recognize them from a mile way. Best rolls I have ever had, and we even serve them as our rolls at work. Enjoy your meal Eos!

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    I only found them a couple weeks ago when I grabbed some for a pot luck that was lacking a bread and was surprised at how good they were.

    A yeast roll that yummy and that storable is a treasure

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    Ill post my spread as soon as its done.

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    Looks yummy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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    It sure is.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your bird feasting and potato mashing!

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    13 lb turkey
    Mashed potatoes
    Homemade Cheddar bread straight from the oven

    A true American homemade Turkey dinner. I think I feel sleepy.

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    Yep. Didn't feel like traveling to Virginia or Texas and the boyfriend's out at his families because his niece has a wedding tomorrow so I get an orgy of food to myself and a nice little 4 day weekend to work on stuff.

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    That's a ton of food for one person.

    I'm still eating jello. Good thing I'm Canadian or this would be depressing.

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    Had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, corn, and stuffing. Kinda want to grab a beer, but my dad would probably glare at me the whole time. Sooo.. <_<; I gotta drive home later anyways, haha . . .

    PS: Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

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    How does being Canadian make things not depressing?

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    It'll last me the whole four days

    Because it wouldn't have been her tradition anyway were she not sick.
    Also Canadians are clinically happy. Constitutionally incapable of being depressed due the maple syrup running in their veins.

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    Reminds me, this is also the appropriate thread for "I Am Thankful For" (serious ones only please, this is not the funhouse).

    I Am Thankful For:
    My friends, family and job in this year so many have lost some of each.

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    Canadian Thanksgiving is in October. A feast in which I was able to partake.

    Also what Eos said.

    Enjoy your turkey you turkies.

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    I see you all as truly decent people, and good friends. This old man is thankful to know you.

    Merry Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

    /* Ugh, I can't stand turkey on Thanksgiving, I'm so f'uckin' glad we have a delicious ham instead. */

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    I'm thankful for the friends I've made, and this applies IRL + online. Also thankful for the experiences that I've had in life that made me see the world a tad differently.



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