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    Does Disorder work on bosses? That would make it actually useful. Even more so, if it would stack with Threaten.

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    how come power guard got padreflect and madreflect? this means what? reflect physical and magic attack?

    Am I right?

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    As far as I can see no, not in current GMS nor in Tespia. There is no ugly little ghost animation when you use it on a boss, so it should not work. The def reduction is so minor that it is hard to tell without a little more research in Tespia, if the lack of animation aint proof enough.

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    Perhaps this is a restructured change only? Or is the the same same pre BB and post BB?

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    Are there any data for beginner skills? Apparently self skills (hyper body, sharp eyes, haste) are dispellable on an aran, but not for adventurers. I was wondering if those decent skills are coded differently by classes.

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    It reduces PDRate now, it has the same flag as Threaten.

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    Yes, I know what it does. However if it works on bosses or not appearantly does not show in Fiels flag list. Much like Ninja Storm vs Rush and Corkscrew, the first does not push bosses, the other two does. They are flagged the same.

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    A very good question.

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    Rush, Corkscrew Blow, Backspin Blow[?], Ninja Storm [?], Flying Assaulter, DrillArm and the like are all Type 1.
    Dragon Breath is Type 2, which probably makes that distinction.

    I'm not sure if Ninja Storm actually pushes back smaller bosses or not. I've never played a Night Lord.

    And Guardian doesn't have a pushtarget flag.

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    As far as I can tell, type 2 is nothing more than the flag saying it's a ranged attack.

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    Oh, ok. Thanks. Guess there is something missing or unseen? I'm wondering the same.

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    Ninja storm does not push back anything labeled boss and there is no difference between a small boss and a large one. The only thing that may differ on bosses are if they are stationary or not.

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    I guess if a bowmaster/marksman could push things around with Dragon breath ... then there would be a lot of assisted suicides around at bosses..

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    And there isnt by all the Warriors Rushing things into people now?

    A ranged char needs to be able to push a boss back from them so they dont get 1hko'd, warriors dont need that as they wont be 1hko'd yet they get the skill that does that...

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    IGN: BushidoClown
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    Imbalance, it does an RPG good.

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    Actually, not to jump into the flame battle, but once somebody gets a rush in first you'd rarely get a chance to push them back, if at all. By the time you would be able to push them back is when they're already at the wall and they've moved around the boss. What does stop bosses from being rushed is when you spam multi-hit skills (TT works too) at the boss or if you can get enough people to attack the boss so theres no open chance for rush to do its work. From experience, once I get a Fatal Blow or Chains of Hell in, theres no way any warrior can rush them out while I'm still in animation. It's kind of fun when you're playing football with your guildmates, but it seems kind of cheap when you're able to make the boss stuck like that.

    Some funny logics to how much it can fail/work for us you can watch here:
    To cut to the chase, I guess you can start watching at around 3:20 where you see rush failing more. This doesn't mean it always works this way though.

    As to why warriors have rush in the first place, I'll say #1 purpose is because warriors don't come with haste nor do they have any speed improvement skills besides the use of stacking mobs. Primary use for training when you have it at lvl 30 (back in the old days when you didn't have potentials around) was to speed up your movement and your mob killing, you rarely see any warriors hopping on their mounts during training. In any case, with BB coming soon, just about every boss that can be rushed shouldn't be able to kill ranged characters anyways thanks to the new mob damage system and you no longer punch or whack them anymore at close range.



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