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    From what I've heard, the Crossroads range nerf hurt Wild Hunter's 3rd job pretty badly. Not sure if this was just relatively to their prior status, or comparatively to other jobs, because Cross Roads was retardedly overpowered and big. At least now, Claw Cut has some use to it outside of just recovering HP. I liked the concept pre-Big Bang where Sharp Eyes made it really good. No idea why I liked it like that because it just sounds asinine, but yeah.

    My issue with Wild Hunters, and I believe this is the issue most people have, is that they overlap with Bow Masters and Marksmen way too much. They completely dominate second job, combined with their superior mobility, as well as the mobility in third job, and then the DPS in 4th job.

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    Me! *raise hand*
    They got everything from both old archers class and have huge amount of hp and mobility..this is just unfair
    But I won't complain anymore if they give old-archers class a skill that raise huge avoidance or hp, either one is enough already D:

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    BB gave them dodge in 3rd job (basically thieves' fake skill, but at 20%) and i believe marksmanship gives +10% hp in 4th? Nothing special in comparison to the WH who gets a mini HB, and increased stats on a jaguar and then some.

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    I just wonder what nexon was thinking.. Yes i'm probably just a butthurt bowmaster but in all honesty do they absolutely need to be complete bowmaster clones in 4th job? Do they HAVE to have sharp eyes? Why do they need to have rip offs of hurricane, dodge and some marksmen skills?

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    I know, but I wish they can raise the value that the skill gives.
    10% hp is pure pathetic compare with wild hunter one, avoidance is kind of little too

  6. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Skyshooter1
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    Well, look at it this wa dood. They can't keep making hurricane and wild shot stronger all the time now dood.

    The maximum before both skills become OP is 250% per arrow IMO, and if they want to make bowmasters better, they'd have to give us a new passive skill that makes hurricane better. dood.

    I can honestly see that happening though since they're Uber buffing stuff like crazy now. Scrolls, skills, and new skills alike. It won't be long until they make new skills for other jobs other than legends. dood.

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    Why are you spamming "dood", dood?

  8. Neutron

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    The prinny lol. Disgaea reference.

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    Is it that annoying at that game too?

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    After 4 games it's starting to get REALLY annoying.

    Also, yay for wild hunter buffs :D

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    I say I hope Nexon messes up and puts an autoban to anyone that ceates a wild hunter, making them lose all they worked for during years and quit the game. That way no one will create one

    On topic, I see the changes to summons and damage reductions but I still dont think its such a big nerf. BTW, whats that skill they can use for 5 seconds in 4th job that allows them to shoot at an incredible speed with 100% critical hits?

    That skill sure needed a nerf @_@

  12. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: Skyshooter1
    Server: Alexina
    Level: 981
    Job: Green boy
    Guild: Blasphamy


    I want them to change hamstring into a usefull buff than what it is right now.

    In reality, it doesn't take much to knock back any mob anymore with 220% + Sharp eyes. So slowing a target down is completly useless if you can stop them anyway.

    What really needs to happen is that they make hamstring into a buff that enhances skills when a mob is being knocked back as a "stagger" effect which does extra damage when the mob is unable to move.

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    That's in 3rd Job. It's called Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun.

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    I agree here, AND they have a 40% HP boost from 1st job, which just makes them completely better than every other Archer in every single way.



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