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    What about the other Evan skills? Like Illusion. It seems so much weaker now>.> And what the hell will final attack do. Or has Illusion become like a strafe for marksmen now its fast but not so powerful but it's speed really makes up for it.

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    Crying about going from absolutely overpowered to not absolutely overpowered. Definitely needs more buffs to be overpowered again.

  3. Water
    IGN: JerrysHero
    Server: Khaini
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    Guild: Imperious
    Alliance: TheAlmightys


    Instead of taking all the data from my thread and putting it here, I'll give you a link;

    Not sure if this is bannable offense here, if so remove it:)

  4. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Ha, we're not that mean.

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    If you actually feel that way just because you're looking at kMS vids or so, you're seriously underestimating the strength of a Legend class. The nerf to Snow Charge pales in comparison to the overall buff of every other skill. Besides, all classes that relied on criticals are not so dependent on it anymore.

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    How the world turns. You use information from here, post it there, then post it here. Now that is free flowing information if I ever saw it.

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    Nice changes to Evans considering I was just complaining about them this morning. lol

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    Don't mind Fiel, trying to take credit for your hard work. Good job, brah.

    Love the new change to Illusion. It's useless now. Sweet.

  9. Neon Atom

    IGN: rattboy
    Server: windia
    Level: 148
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Virtual
    Alliance: Sanctum


    I'm sure this is one of many patches to rebalance these classes ... Fiel still has alot of work ahead of him over the next few weeks till this is released. probably.

    There is no point debating how snow charge will or will not affect us aran at this point. Wait till its not in testing phase, then we can start really discussing how badly/well nexon treated the class. As for now ... the new skills are what we should be talking about as those are probably less likely to change.

    First the 150 combos for 10% of hp thing is pretty cool, as an aran getting stunned at zakum and losing count is pretty much the lamest thing ever, and this skill is probably a remedy to that.

    Not sure what the other new skills are as google translate is absolutely no help, but the animation for the new combo move with maha(not sure if this is the name of the first arans polearm or not) falling from the sky and smashing the monsters ... is one of the prettiest skills in the game imo.

    The other 2 skills im completely not sure of and the extra % at the end of overswing I'm not sure about. waits patiently for someone who knows korean to comment on them. But as for now ... this feels like the big bang for legends, with all the quest changing and not requiring quests for skills, but the best part of this is definately 4 new skills ... its a pretty nice patch.

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    That wasn't in bad taste. It's exciting.

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    I think combos last way longer anyway so combo renewal isn't much of a fix for stunning. It sounds to me like it was to help have barrier up all the time. :/

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    It's to help any scenario where Combo runs out. You could be the best person in the world at keeping combo up, but if the server spikes for a split second or spawn denies you, your combo will drop to zero. This lets you start off with your combo buff up if you like that, or gives you a great burst every 30 seconds.

    It's interesting they added passive boosts to Combo Smash and Fenrir on Full Swing and Overswing. I guess they really want to promote the use of finishers now, instead of holding 100+ combo for the critical and weapon attack like pre-Big Bang. Really helps that they lowered the requirement to use Smash too, otherwise the 60% increase would be stupid. Not sure how I feel about Fenrir overpowering Judgement with Overswing though.

  13. Neon Atom

    IGN: rattboy
    Server: windia
    Level: 148
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Virtual
    Alliance: Sanctum


    oh wow the new 4th job skill is pretty useless ...
    +30% to final charge and final toss ? Im sure most people use final blow at that level, unless they are mobbing or trying to move around the map. I have never really been a fan of final toss at all. well I guess thats 1 skill I can leave till the end for my arans build.

  14. Euro Minicar Straight Male
    IGN: I
    Server: QUIT
    Level: &#8
    Job: Xenon
    Guild: Scandalous
    Alliance: DarkLily
    Farm: HarvestxMoon


    pretty sure it means +30% dmg to all finishers, final blow,final charge,final toss, google translator is sometimes off

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    Recharge will be totally useful, especially since I always end up having to ruin my combo in order to cast Drain. With Recharge I'll be able to cast Drain then BAM, super combo again.

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    Final Blow sucks though. Maxed Final Blow and Overswing does the same DPS as no Final Blow. Guess what happens when you use less than maxed Final Blow, other than not being able to pin monsters?

    Maxing this skill makes Final Charge do 260% and Final Toss do 390%. Final Toss + this bonus makes it do 10% less damage per second for +100% damage per hit on your next chain, and with this ridiculous buff to Final Toss's base damage to begin with, it's definitely the DPS choice in 3rd job.

  17. Neon Atom

    IGN: rattboy
    Server: windia
    Level: 148
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Virtual
    Alliance: Sanctum


    If thats the case then ... well to be honest at 157 and still no maxed final blow ...

    it still seems pretty useless, honestly whats 30% to final blow gonna do for anyone. then again I havent maxed final blow because all most of the other 4th job skills for aran are more useful so I guess having 1 bad skill in the bunch isnt such a bad thing after all, I mean nothing is perfect.

    Still there are probably gonna be more changes, they will atleast be removing all the Z's and T's with % next to them to actual numbers. But for now this is plenty exciting.

    but the skill is a 4th job skill so final toss still ends up being unused. I only use final blow to ohko oblivies that are too far away to get hit by overswing, Im sure final toss's range is still no where near final blows. As for my final blow it will remain at 1 sp till big bang probably, because by then using it to ohko probably wont be an option anymore.

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    Sorry guys, but it says
    파이널 차지 파이널 토스의 데미지 30% 증가
    Final Charge and Final Toss's damage increase by 30%.

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    Sad to see that Evan's 10th growth wasn't lowered... but that would have screwed things up.

  20. Neon Atom

    IGN: rattboy
    Server: windia
    Level: 148
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Virtual
    Alliance: Sanctum


    Yeah ... I honestly hope they rethink this skill because right now ... I absolutely dont see when I'm ever gonna max it .. after hero's will maybe ?



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