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    The effects of Thorns were moved to Sharpness. What does Thorns do now? Looks kind of like a random attack buff.

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    90% Stance rate is huge.

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    Welcome to the world of MMOs and Class Balancement. Took em a couple of years before they started tinkering with their old stats but it looks like they finally understand how it should work in modern day MMOs.

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    bad thing about arans, what happened to our drain? they replaced it wth fenrir?.........

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    Even so. NEXON will just keep pumping out classes until theres the perfect class. No class will ever be better then it and no matter what balancing you will do it will always be number 1.

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    What i dont get is why we get two 1 vs 1 Skills at 4th job now. CoH and Phantom Blow. Wich one is better? because it seems useless to level them both up. o.o

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    Chains of Hell is now 3rd job skill, isn't it?

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    A "Big Bang" of Big Bang?
    It's getting sorta repetitive.
    Also, i still wonder why the hell Ice demon is weaker against Fire Demon. When it comes to FP skills, they're stronger because they don't immmobilize the monster.
    But Fire Demon and Ice demon are the same pomegranate, both cause a DoT, and Ice Demon doesn't freeze monsters, it just turns them blue as Fire Demon turns them red.
    Some changes there are really nice tho.

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    They did that with the mechanic. A healer, heavy DPM, survivability. Then they just nerfed the pomegranate out of it this patch. Stop complaining, when classes become imbalanced, they've now proven that they are willing to fix them. Two to three years ago, people complained about too few classes. Now you are complaining that they are going to release more? I appreciate the balancing, the restructuring of a game that needed it badly.

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    Thorns now gives a stance effect and weapon attack. It still has 400% range. Is thorns now a party stance skill?

    I read it wrong. I didn't see that it went to unspecified range.

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    I have a question about how does damage reduction work for orb, I never really looked into it, but since now it looks like a good idea to max because of Lionheart.....

    Dragon Strike - damage (700 to 850)
    Energy Orb - damage (780 to 980)

    Skill 1monster 2 monsters 3 monsters 4 monsters 5 monsters 6 monsters
    Dragon Strike 700 1400 2100 2800 3500 4200
    Energy Orb 780 1482 2113.8 2682.4 3251 3762.7

    Skill 1monster 2 monsters 3 monsters 4 monsters 5 monsters 6 monsters
    Dragon Strike 850 1700 2550 3400 4250 5100
    Energy Orb 980 1862 2656 3370 4084 4727

    Is it like that?
    I'm doing
    Orb first hit: x
    Second hit: 0.9x
    Third hit: 0.9*0.9x
    or is it:
    First hit: x
    Second hit: 0.9x
    Third hit: 0.8x

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    Oh crap your right! Omg my chains of hell would be maxed then if we got this update o_O
    And btw i saw the animation off Phantom blow.... it is sexy xD And they skill they replaced Sudden raid with is also cool (: I wonder how fast Phantom blow is... I cant wait to see it in action. :D

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    No cooldown on battleship is what hit me the most but maybe I missed something.

    Nice to see buster get a buff.

    Edit: Nvm, shadow partner doing full damage might be the most significant, if that's indeed what y(50) being removed means

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    I am aware that some of the skill icons or animations may not be working properly. I am aware of this and it will all be working in short order.

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    Finally buffed Dragon Strike! The 200% buff on Energy Orb might make me want to put points into that too =O .
    Pretty pleased with the updates, we all knew Mechs were broken :o
    Not very caught up on the other classes but looks like most classes got damage % increase which is always nice!
    *predicts a few more modification patches to come*

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    Images are broken. At least the Phantom Strike ones, they give 404 error. :S

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    Uploading images now. They should resolve definitely within the next 30 minutes.

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    What is that second to last skill for 3rd job ILs? I don't recognise the symbol



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