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  1. Can of Soup Male
    IGN: LunaMimosa
    Server: El Nido
    Level: 134
    Job: OP Elf Queen
    Guild: Some no-name guild
    Alliance: Read above.


    Wow, they're paying attention to this finally.

    assuming someone bothers to scroll a cape, helmet Top and Bottom for HP to go bossing and successfully reaches +5 while 60% scrolling all of them: an additional 1250 base hp; thats a lot of washing to save on for a ranged class: and you can STILL potential scroll that for the usual % stat bonuses. Well worth the 8 dex per piece or so loss in my book.

    Tank Q Nexon.

  2. Default

    I noticed the increase on the spiegelmann marbles giving +150 hp each now, are the HP/MP bonuses on MoN's going to be increased? Not that MoN's were directly related to spiegelmann pendants but i always liked the switch from a 90/90 hp/mp pend to a 300/300 one =P.

  3. Default

    This can't be predicted, since KMS doesn't have MONs.

  4. Default

    kMS doesn't have MoN's to begin with, so unless gMS takes kMS's initiative, then we will still see 300 Hp/Mp MoN's in our version.
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  5. Flatpanel TV Straight Male
    IGN: Dailom
    Server: Windia
    Level: 188
    Job: Wild Hunter
    Guild: Caelia
    Alliance: HighOrder


    It looks like my paladin will be able to tank even better now! I can't afford any top or bottom strength/dex scrolls, so getting a good 500+ defense from my equips would be an awesome consolation!

  6. Default

    Those accuracy scrolls.... :O

    My accuracy equips I have now are going to suck once those scrolls get revamped... xD

  7. Default

    Those HP scrolls should work like the Spikes/Cold scrolls do and not take up any slots.

  8. Default

    Bleh, they don't have the 10%/60%/30%/70%/100% Face/Eye HP/Acc scrolls. Figures they must be a JMS creation )=

  9. Default

    the person in the 1st page, isn't real ChibiSusi, ignore him/her


  10. Default

    500 health on 64 maple weapons anyone?

  11. Default

    *switches back to skanda*
    lol jk but this is gonna be a godsend for long ranged/low hp classes

    especially with potential nowadays i could either scroll my top for 20+ luk (being lucky)
    or a couple 100s of HP..idk about most, but i'd pick the hp
    considering 20 luk isnt much when you got 9-15% on the potential

    WHAT?! hello 700 avoid shoes LOL thats just crazy.../awesome
    i want, unrealistic though

  12. Default

    oh wait.. does Nexon miss out the Scroll for Face Eqp. for HP? or KMS doesn't has Face eq scrolls.

  13. Default

    This thought just crossed my mind as well.

    The boost to the other scrolls is nice now. The Defense scrolls needed those boosts A LONG time ago, as did HP. It will solve the HP problems with Bowmen and the like.



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