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    Can't wait to see Evans!

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    What i see from the Fiel's list :
    Upper Stab has been moved to Dual Blader's level55 job advancement
    CoH has been moved to Dual Blader's level70 advancement

    Combo Smash has been moved to Aran's 1st job
    Combo Fenrir has been moved to Aran's 2nd job

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    I still got my panties in a not because of sacrifice :(. I wonder how many of these changes will actually go to GMS, pineappleing pricks.

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    Now this is ridiculous. Nerfing Paralyze further and improving CL? If this screws us F/Ps over in the DPS/DPM charts, I'm gonna start violently jumping and crying at the same time while eating a hamburger. Make up your mind Nexon --__________--

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    Wut the hell? really?

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    3rd+ CoH is awesome.

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    Oh I finally compared I/L to F/P before this patch and from what it seems, F/Ps are ahead.

    Comparing for the new patch now.

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    What does this mean? What was altered?

    EDIT: @ below: Thx, did not mean to nag or anything.

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    I'll get to that. I'll need a few hours to compile everything.

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    Where does it say that its moved to 3th job?
    And i really want to see the animation for Shadow blow and the skill they replaced Sudden raid with D:
    i wanna seeee xD

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    Technical works just fine for me.

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    Whooo. More skill resets. I guess if you f'uck up your build in Big Bang, you get a new chance with this new change. Also, I'm loving the Viper buffs.

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    My guess is that it's a formula change, although I could be wrong xD
    Looking at Night Walker: - Shadow Partner - x (40 to 50); Variable removed "y" (40)

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    Looks at Aran Changes:

    Improved Damage, New skills


    exactly what I wanted from Big Bang! Better late than never.

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    It says here:
    That skill is Upper Stab.

    It says for CoH here:

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    Good idea, because I can't tell whether it's an improvement or a nerf without doing any calculations.

    Regarding skill changes:
    DBs received Chains of Hell in 3rd job and "Phantom Blow" and Sharpness (just Thorns, renamed) in 4th job. Did they remove Chains of Hell from 4th job?
    Never mind, read patch notes.

    Considering something called "Pocket" and Bags were added in the same patch, could they be related? There might be different kinds of bags you could equip that hold different types or amounts of items.

    Aran 3rd job changes are pretty interesting:
    new skill Combo Judgment - replaces Combo Fenrir (which was moved to 2nd job), freezes and deals DoT to enemies
    new skill Combo Recharge - uses large amount of HP and MP to instantly set your combos to 150, 30 second cooldown
    new skill Cleaving Attack - 20% ignore defense

  17. Default All new skill animations
    Click the Red words to expand the GIF animation

    Arrow rain is Hawt!

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    @ Thread starter, according to a source from basil she mentions that thunder spear not only has an increased damage to 155%, but that it also hits 5 monsters. True or false? Can anyone confirm?

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    That's a new skill for Dual Blades, Dragon Wisdom was unchanged I believe. They're using Dragon Wisdom's icon as a placeholder.



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