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    how good (and practical) is ME and PP now? I'm 140 and considering drop SB to max other 2nds...
    (for the similar reason... I might drop DS to max disorder... which looks wacky)

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    Savage Blow + Pick Pocket + Meso Mastery + Meso Explosion = BEAST at bosses.

    ME+MM hits for 15x 240% damage (Only 10x 240% on non-bosses) at near the speed of Savage Blow (4800% DPS :P).

    I tested it on several bosses now, and it really slams the fck out of them. Especially Pianus. Wdef up AGAIN??? No problem!!! Just keep SBlowing it and the coins fly around all the time! The new PP+MM = 80% droprate of coins + SBlow hits 12 times = avg 9.6 coins per SBlow. And when the Swdef is gone, explode the shiet out of it.

    It's REALLY powerfull now. :)

    P.S. Don't drop Dark Sight, you'll need it for Assassinate. Or is DS "Double Stab"? :)

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    I like playing around with Darkflare.

    Besides, a little more damage won't hurt. I have useless amounts of HP >_>

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    Oh yes, before I forget, Dark Flare's damage reflection cuts through everything, including Super Wdefs from bosses. :)

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    I get the picture now, thanks for the input~
    ya, DS means double stab... sry for confusion

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    How does Dark Flare work with parties?

    Say every person in the (6-person) party gets hit with 5k. Most likely, max Dark Flare would reflect 6*5000*13 = 390k. Or is it not that simple?
    Or say there's a full NL/Shadower party, where all members have max Dark Flare. Would the reflected damage be 6*(6*5000*13) = 2.34m?

    I'm sitting on lots of SP, and I'm can't decide between Shield Mastery, Steal, and Dark Flare (the trifecta of pomegranate). Shield Mastery reduces damage by a few hundred points, Steal does less than BoT (and its only perk, stun, doesn't activate 100%), and Dark Flare's damage is vastly overshadowed by actual attacks.

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    Everytime someone in the party gets hit and is near the Dark Flare, it shocks the monster that hit that person. A miss by the monster causes a miss by Dark Flare (no damage).

    I messed around with it for a couple of PPQs then reseted it. The cooldown is too low at level 1 to have any real fun with it. But it is interesting.

    I'm getting Dark Flare, myself. It's a nice addition to have.

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    I wonder, if I get 1/1'ed when I have HB on, if I will reflect 157.580 dmg... :D

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    err.. for 4th Job and bossing:
    SB is useful, only during SuperDef Up rit?
    I hope Assassinate/ BS still out-dmg SB

    ie... thinking about leave SB at 1 (6 hits)

    why Shadower is so hard to decide :(

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    Assassinate is relatively useless now, sadly. The SB+BS combo will outdamage the assassinate+BS combo, and the former has more benefits over the latter as well (more coins for ME, criticals, more invincibility from BS).

    Like Devil said though, the real gem is ME which is extremely powerful now. In a scenario where a Shadower can spam ME (such as maybe CZak's bodies after a WDef) they will be extremely powerful. 4800%/sec with one of the highest damage ranges (I think only NLs [?] have a higher pure range) is hard to top, for any other class...

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    Just wanted to point out you need 5 assaulter to unlock FJ.

    After leveling through 70-86 this week, I thought I might present another idea for a build. For most of 7x I was at ppq getting 30% exp per pq for most of it and I found that steal is strong enough to get you through the pq, so i change the order of skills a bit.

    5 assaulter>1 fj>1 me> 20 sp> 20 bot

    5 assaulter left it stong enough to one hit any mob in ppq and unlocks fj.
    1 mesos explosion was to help with stage 2, cleared the mesos to make looting easier, not really a big deal, skip this if you want, but you will level so fast one point doesnt really matter.
    20 sp next because i still didnt really need a stronger mobbing move at this point.

    Outside of ppq i was training at tippo in mp1 until lvl 80 or so, then did a couple levels at scorpions before heading to b3 and c1. By the time you get to c1, BoT is at a high enough level for it to really shine as you can just fj between the 3 platforms and kill the mobs while taking no damage.

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    My current build at level 90 is:

    1 Assaulter (1)
    20 Band of Thieves (Max)
    20 Shadow Partner (Max)
    5 Assaulter (6)
    20 Flash Jump (Max)
    1 Meso Explosion (1)...

    Got messed up with Assaulter, it should be at 5 to enable Flash Jump. So far, I'm liking the speed and damage both Hermit skills bring to the class. I'll probably start maxing Meso Explosion then Pickpocket for more powerful blows in packed areas.

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    About Assassinate...

    I did some more damage checks, and I have to say, with full charging (8 secs + 2 secs for Assi itself), I can't really tell what skill is more powerful, SB+SP+ME+MM or Assi Full-Charge.

    When you fully charge Assassinate -without- SP, it's totally crap, it does the same old (still quite high damage per hit though...) Assassinate damage: 4 times (5*560%) = 4 hits of 2800% damage per 10 seconds = 11200% / 10 = 1120% DPS, which totally sux.

    However, when you fully charge Assassinate -WITH- SP, it totally kicks ass, now it's like the old damage (without SP) -PLUS- some super bonus damage (I think it's near, if not higher then 200%):
    --> 4 times (5*560%) = 4 hits of 2800% damage per 10 seconds = 11200%
    --> 4 times (5*560%)*2 = 4 hits of 5600% damage per 10 seconds = 22400%
    ----> 11200+22400=33600% / 10 secs = 3360% DPS

    That's near the 2808% DPS of SB+SP+ME+MM Combo. (I calculated it before somewhere on

    Too bad this only works when your damage range isn't that high, because the super bonus damage only comes with the FULL 8 secs charge (it's a really weird formula). And Shadowers with a high attack range (lets say 6000~10.000 and higher) will hit the new damage cap of 999.999 when fully charging.

    For them, the SB+SP+ME+MM Combo is better, since that distributes the 4800% DPS (of ME+MM) on 15 hits, avoiding the 999.999 damage cap by FAR! :P

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    Hm... how to train effectively using PP+ME? When I ME sometimes the mesos that explode are way behind me and not directly where I'm facing, making me lose some precious damage and time

    Also, is Shield Mastery that useful? I'm thinking of getting Steal to at least 14 (hits 4 monsters) and then dump the rest of SP into SM. Is this a good idea?

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    Well, without shield mastery Skelosaurus were hitting me for about 2.9k with meso guard on. After I got my SP reset and maxed shield mastery,they're back down to 1.5k. Plus, honestly, I don't feel dark flare is all that great of a skill but that is personal preference.

    As for effectively using PP+ME, it's very difficult to do in regular training with it now due to the fact that it hits about 40 million light years behind you. I'd reserve it for bosses.

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    About Meso Explosion and Pickpocket.

    Meso explosion now blows up coins in the order they were dropped by pickpocket or dropped by you.

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    1) PP+ME is only good on bosses that is glued to one place, it's complete crap if you have meso all over the map, if the boss is mobile and not constantly pinned, you're better off with assassinate
    2) assassinate's 4th hit really shines now with the new crit damage calculation
    3) assassinate costs 30SP, meso mastery costs 10

    imo it boils down to the situation
    super def up -> sb+me
    pap turtling -> assassinate

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    For someone who didn't get the reset, I have 81 sp left to use. I haven't done anything since they updated with BB, and now I'm wondering what I should max out and in what order.

    here's what I have currently:

    1st Job:
    Nimble Body 20 (MAX)
    Keen Eyes 2
    Disorder 10 (MAX)
    Dark Sight 10 (MAX)
    Lucky Seven 4
    Double Stab 20 (MAX)

    2nd Job:
    Dagger Mastery 20 (MAX)
    Dagger Booster 20 (MAX)
    Haste 20 (MAX)
    Savage Blow 30 (MAX)
    Shadow Resistance 0
    Steal 7

    3rd Job:
    Shield Mastery 6
    Pickpocket 10 (MAX)
    Meso Explosion 20 (MAX)
    Dark Flare 0
    Chakra 3
    Assaulter 20 (MAX)
    Band of Thieves 20 (MAX)
    Shadow Partner 0
    Flash Jump 0
    Meso Guard 10 (MAX)

    4th Job:
    Taunt 0
    Meso Mastery 0
    Shadow Shifter 1
    Ninja Ambush 0
    Boomerang Step 15
    Smokescreen 1
    Venom 0
    Maple Warrior 0
    Assassinate 1

    Yeah it's a pre BB build. Out of curiosity, could I technically max out BS with the 81 points or are they specifically assigned to 2nd/3rd/4th job skills? Any help is much appreciated, thanks guys xD

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    What is your current lvl?

    1st job: 61 SP's needed before allowed to spend SP's in 2nd job skills
    2nd job: 121 SP's needed before allowed to spend SP's in 3rd job skills
    3rd job: 151 SP's needed before allowed to spend SP's in 4th job skills

    Before you can allocate 4th job skills, you need to spend 333 SP's into 1st/2nd or 3rd job in total.



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