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    The only time I can see it being very useful is on the endgame bosses that still do decent damage.

    Say you're at a boss spamming 6k magic, so it hits the player the max number of times (every 2 seconds)
    That's about 40k dps. The less the boss attacks, the less damage it does.

    It's pretty much useless in training right now, maybe after we get Lionheart Castle it'll be some good. But you kinda need to be attacking mobs in the same spot for a while for it to help, cause it summons in place and can't move.

    In 1st job, why get Nimble Body so soon? The acc/avoid barely seem to do anything. I think 60 avoid makes a 1% difference in monsters' miss-rate, and I haven't missed any mobs yet.

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    probably good for 1/1s
    assuming it works with 1/1s -- I don't have any experience with it atm

    but yeah -- mostly useless for training I'd imagine

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    Dark Flare is less useful than Mana Reflection for mages. Its effect on your overall damage is barely noticeable at all.

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    Its just fun to use at zakum, if you should attack him with 4 full parties, and each party has a dark flare, then it's 24 * 1300% reflection damage each full screen attack! :)

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    Is level 17 the last time Flash Jump has its distance increased? If that's the case, would having everything maxed save for Chakra (3) and Flash Jump (18) be a decent build?

    I just don't feel that Chakra is any good considering HP needs to be below 50% and the cast time is quite lengthy when a potion is quicker and more effective.

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    i think FJ increases at level 20 once more, but i'm not sure.

  7. Helium Atom

    IGN: GunsOnly
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Corsair
    Guild: Leaf
    Alliance: Honorbond


    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned that - but dark flare's range is hilarious. Does it increase with the level? because At level 1 It was USELESS.

    Dark Flare and Chakra are useful in different situations:
    Dark Flare - at bosses that hit, and hit hard.
    Chakra - dojo, farming monsters and having time to cast it between kills.

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    Meso Guard does not affect Dark Flare.

  9. Helium Atom

    IGN: GunsOnly
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Corsair
    Guild: Leaf
    Alliance: Honorbond


    More useful now, but still - I'd like to have chakra in my arsenal if I was a shadower. It just needs to heal your entire HP in one cast for places where potions can't be used. Can it do it before level 10?

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    Depends on your stats. Higher your stats are, the more health you can heal.

    = (LUK * 6.6 * 0.5 + DEX) * (SkillRecovery + 1) / 5

    I'm fairly sure it's still this.

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    why not just bring 30 Shadowers then

    The range does not increase.

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    Maxed on my NL, it still hits for something like 300% range either way :x

    Main reason to max is that at max level it's 60 second cast + 60 second cooldown, so you can always have it running at a boss. Well, that and it does more damage.

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    I prefer shield mastery over dark flare, because dark flare only has use at bosses and the damage it provides is negligible compared to what you're doing.

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    For 2nd Job, I just went 11 steal since I'm personally never going to use it. I just don't have the feel for that skill.

    for 3rd Job, I went 8 shield mastery, 20 Dark Flare and 3 Chakra. I really have no clue how useless or usefull dark flare is, but because of the 100>60 sec cooldown, I felt I should max it.

    As for shield mastery, 8 is perfectly fine IMO. Paladins have combat orders are able to bump unmaxed 3rd job skills. In a bossing situation like PB, this works great.

    And yes, Charka is still useful for Dojo if you like doing that.

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    Wouldn't you have 18 Dark Flare if you maxed shield mastery? You only use Dark Flare at bosses, which greatly increases the chance of having CO, which means you'll probably have max Dark Flare there. Shield Mastery is more useful outside of bosses.

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    YMMV and all, but I went with something like this for my 2nd job and it seems good so far (I'm level 35)
    30 - 1 Savage Blow
    31 - 1 Mastery, 2 Haste
    32 - 3 Haste
    33 - 3 Steal
    34 - 3 Steal
    35 - 1 Steal, 2 Mastery
    36-40 - 3 Mastery (to 18)
    41 - 2 Mastery, 1 Booster
    42 - 3 Booster
    43 - 1 Booster, 2 Steal
    44+ - Steal

    Even at 2 targets, Steal is better than SB. I went with lv.7 so it could at least hit 3.

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    Ok, this is my build, I call it the "Fck BoT" build :P

    First Job: 61 SP
    +20 Nimble Body (MAX)
    +10 Disorder (MAX)
    +10 Dark Sight (MAX)
    +20 Double Stab (MAX)
    +1 Lucky Seven (Obligatory for 61 SP's...)

    Second Job: 121 SP
    +20 Dagger Mastery (MAX)
    +20 Dagger Booster (MAX)
    +20 Haste (MAX)
    +30 Savage Blow (MAX)
    +20 Steal (MAX)
    +11 Shadow Resistance

    Third Job: 151 SP
    +9 Shadow Resistance (MAX) <- 2nd Job Skill
    +10 Shield Mastery (MAX)
    +10 Pickpocket (MAX)
    +20 Meso Explosion (MAX)
    +20 Flash Jump (MAX)
    +20 Shadow Partner (MAX)
    +10 Meso Guard (MAX)
    +20 Assaulter (MAX)
    +10 Chakra (MAX)
    +20 Dark Flare (MAX)
    +2 Band of Thieves

    Fourth Job: 243 SP
    + 30 Boomerang Step
    + 10 Meso Mastery
    + 30 Assassinate
    + 1 Smokescreen
    + 28 Shadow Shifter

    ...and that brings me to lvl 152... :)

    Before the Free-All-SP-Reset-Card I tried Steal vs BoT, and I have to say, BoT is quite useless now. There are hardly ever monsters behind you, because of flash jump.

    Besides that, Steal looks really awesome, especially with Shadow Partner: 8 deep purple star spike splashes (SPartner also doubles the graphical hits :P) = WIN!!! :D

    Also, when constantly attacking with Bstep while training, you really need as much forward range as possible on your filler skill. BoT's forward range is -just- a tad too small for me.

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    You should be able to get everything maxed in 3rd job if you leave Shield Mastery at one. Cause I do. o_o;

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    My brain hurts from reading that.

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    I can't agree with your reasoning for skipping BoT. I tried it just now, and the forward range seems about equal for both skills, the backwards range is useful when something spawns behind you and BoT can now hit things above and below you. And it seems that BoT works with Boomerang Steps +25&#37; ability, which makes it even more stronger than Steal.



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