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  1. Default Post-RED Shadower Build.

    1st Job

    2nd Job

    3rd Job

    4th job


    JoeTang because he likes having his own line I think.
    Me for creating.

    Oh. Whatever the English names will be for whatever skills I'll probably add. I don't like the Korean ones that much and I doubt the gMS team can make it that much worse. Also, Justice sucks.
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  2. Default

    What's the point of having L7 without max Keen Eyes?

    No, BoT is pretty much THE skill in third job. In related news, you said "11 Dark Flare (MAX)".

    Really, the thing post-BB is the order you max things in, not what you max.

  3. Default

    Since Dark Flare is appearantly only half as good as it is for Hermits due to Meso Guard, I would really not give up some of BoT's power for it. Not to mention that, as far as I know, BoT is a great skill at least for the CB levels.

  4. Default

    For lols. You have 8 extra points in 2nd job to do whatever the hell you want with it. Hell you could even add it to disorder.

    Was just contemplating. Difference from Steal to BoT isn't that... big anyway. In terms of early 3rd job.
    Steal: 300% * 4 monsters + stun rate.
    BoT Maxed: 395% * 5 monsters

    I can work on that too, since it's quite simple. Will edit first post.

  5. Default

    I think Disorder should be maxed: it reduces enemy defense by 10%. It's more usefull than Keen Eyes/L7. Not that a 10% defense reduction is a lot, but it's better than something completely worthless.

  6. Default

    Keen Eyes maxes at 5 now, so you could max it and only put three in L7.

    BoT maxes faster than it used to, does more damage, and most importantly has range behind you as well as in front of you. Flying monsters fall when they're stunned, if Typhons are still a good place to train then BoT > Steal.

  7. Default

    At the moment, Galloperas are a good place to train (Level 94 with 2500 experience), I think all masteria mobs got their EXP:HP nerfed. I'm sure it'll happen with Singapore/Kampung but that's only something time will tell. First post is updated, tell me if anything needs suggesting and I'll fix it.

  8. Default

    One MG suffices at low levels since it lasts a bit over 2 minutes, max BoT ASAP. I think a build where you max SP first and keep using Savage Blow as an attacking skill may work, but I'm not sure. Also, you never mentioned the part where you max savage blow in second job.

  9. Default

    Both fixed in the OP.
    Max Savage Blow on an unfunded level 200 100% Auto-assigned shadower does less than 5k almost constantly (Non crits), since there are literally very few summoning rocks testing shadow partner is.. well kind of difficult. So since SB is 90% maxed, and SP is 50% maxed I don't really think it'd work out, especially since you'd wanna train in a place with mobs. It'll be more MP pot consuming and require summoning rocks compared to just using BoT/Steal to train.

  10. Default

    Disorder is beyond useless since it does not work on bosses.

  11. Default

    I'd leave Chakra at 3 and Shield Mastery at 8 instead of leaving Dark Flare unmaxed. Or maybe 18 Dark Flare. Chakra is useless.

  12. Default

    is the +100% increase in DEF that amazing post BB to warrant shield mastery over dark flare? o_o

  13. Default

    Chakra heals a considerable amount of HP, but it is seemingly worthless to max due to the amount of time it takes to do so, not to mention the health requirement. Meso Guard has no affect on Dark Flare. Dark Flare will do full damage even if you take reduced damage from Meso Guard. With maxed Boomerang Step, Steal does almost the same damage as Band of Thieves, but with stun rate. I do think max Steal and 11 Booster is a more convenient route to go, and having Steal at a reasonable level to Steal things is convenient. Really not that big of a deal from 110s to 200s Booster. At most, 15 Booster to match PPs 150s duration. I agree with most of this build, but I would say Meso Explosion and Pick Pocket earlier. You don't get enough coins with low Pick Pocket to use Meso Explosion, and without Pick Pocket, you have to drop coins yourself, which is meaningless. 10 PP 3 ME > 10 ME 3 PP in my opinion. Definitely do not max Chakra before anything else, if you are going to max it. I would say that 5 Assaulter and then some Flash Jump is more reasonable than immediately maxing Assaulter first. It has very low value in usage since you're using Band of Thieves most of the time, Savage Blow to get coins, and Meso Explosion to use those coins. I only use it to travel, get the last hit in on a single mob, or engage.

    The additional defense from Shield Mastery is meh. Up to you. I don't value it significantly, but I do recommend at least one point in it.

  14. Default

    Just curious does Dbl Stab, Basic attacks or L7 work with shadower’s Shadow partner?

  15. Default

    I don't really find that great of use in Dark Flare but I guess leaving Chakra at 3 and leave Dark Flare at 18 is a decent thing to do.

    Listed them in the OP.

    I don't think Lucky 7 works with Shadower's Shadow Partner but the former do.

  16. Default

    my bandit is already lvl 54 with max sb, no points into steal. If BoT will somewhat replace steal in 3rd job might it be worthwhile to skip steal and max booster or will steal have uses later on still?

  17. Default

    btw L7 does with with cb's shadow partner

    Played around using BoT last night, it has absolutely ridiculous range, haven't tried steal too much, I have both maxed atm (blame nexon)

  18. Default

    Ok, tested it today, Dark Flare = Epic Fun, it's a party skill too, don't forget that!!! :)

    I think lvl1 Shield Mastery is enough, unless you're really on high wdef gear... I have about 500 wdef total at lvl150, so maxing Shield Mastery is not really worth it...

  19. Default

    ok well my bandit is now lvl 60 thanks to 90 minutes or so at truckers f3. I didnt bother adding ap/sp while i was leveling so i hit lvl 60 with 18 points to spend and just dumped them into steal... WOW I wish I had steal sooner. Its strong enough to 1 hit truckers with my 1.3k ish range(13 atk gloves/shield and 14 blessing, rest clean non potential gear) and hits 4 mobs, although most of the time it was only 2-3 mobs to hit, but still great skill and just wanted to back up Locked's build.



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