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    Those would be the CPQ2 versions of the monsters

  2. Water

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    Oh, I see. Thanks for answering. =D

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    Did I miss it somewhere... I couldn't find the Goby House (Bombing Fish House) anywhere in there.

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    I hate how most every non-boss mob gives the same exp depending on level. So everything's basically the same monster, just different sprites. ):

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    Map layout, spawn, drops, special attacks, size, speed, defense, PDR, weaknesses and HP.

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    On top of what shido said, it's more advantageous this way because it gives a lot more variety to where someone can train. Map layout is less of an issue now too since most of the most annoying maps have been retrofitted with teleporters or springs.

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    At least PDR and HP is the same for all mobs of the same level.

    Still. this just means that if you're training at one mob and it's crowded as hell, you can just go to a different area.

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    I'm confused. What's the difference between the regular Physical Def/Magic Def and PDRate/MDRate?

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    PD/MDrate is a % damage reduction. If you regularly do 1000 damage, then against a mob with a PDRate of 50% you do 500 damage, unless you have a skill that ignores PDRate.

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    The actual relationship is HP. All normal mobs have the same HP/Exp ratio. The only exceptions are Theme Dungeon mobs. THey have 10% more Exp than normal mobs. (Bosses are as variable as always, too.) The ratio is a sliding scale relationship as the HP goes up. I am sure the math-magicians on this site could graph out the gains and come up with a formula to explain it.

    The Theme Dungeons I refer to are Neo City, Kerning Square, and Mushroom Castle.

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    Is there still standard defense? And what is it?

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    PDRate = Physical defense
    MDRate = Magical defense

    There is no longer a fixed damage reduction. PDRate and MDRate are just the variable names for defense, and they can be used interchangeably.

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    Already answered. The thread is for changed mobs only. Neo city apparently didn't change.

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    I believe they were changed weren't they? Just Fiel didn't place them on the table because they had null values. Take a look at Combattente's extractions.

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    The KMS Neo City was changed, but the mobs from 120+ NC are the same.

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    Fiel doesn't have up the Kaede Castle mobs yet confirmed by my guild member they HAVE been changed. They give different EXP values and have different HP values, also Malaysia was ALSO changed but due to being so glitchy and buggy he was unable to reach Scarlion. However he was able to use a town scroll at gallops now.

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    What did Kaede Castle have to do with what I said? By NC I meant Neo City.

  18. Proton

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    Alliance: Not telling also


    I've cut and shortlisted some of Singapore monsters. Those monsters are way off the KMS HP/EXP chart, only Ulu City monsters follow the chart. I noticed these since I was working on reorganizing the World Tour monster list in Asiasoft forum.



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