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    Same here and I died lol'ing at "It's Raining Mines". They should keep it just for the sheer unexpected name of it. I find it hilarious.

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    "Dude, just put some names so we know what we're talking. Besides, who's going to see them?"
    "You're right, Phil."

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    Where can I find the beginner skills?
    I heard thay have some different stuff than the usual beginner classes, like a version of Dark Sight and a potion boost.

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    it's raining mines, hallelujah it's raining mines, hey mines!
    i think that's what nexon was going for o.O

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    Satellites are finally taking over MS

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    It's Raining Myles!

    On a more serious note, is there any way to confirm/deny the urban rumor that Wild Arrow Blast is twice as fast as Hurricane? I remember Fiel saying that its interval for each arrow shooting out is 60ms (as opposed to Hurricane's 120), and since the shooting animation is a keydown (unlike any other skill that has a complete set of animation which can be sped up via Booster) continuation, is it really twice as fast?

    I guess a way to confirm would be sandbagging an Anego, but if there's a more elegant method.
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    i don't think WH hurricane is faster. I think it just looks faster because they can use it while walking and they can walk with the arrows causing them to visually stack o_O

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    The animation shows arrows being fired every 60 ms as opposed to Hurricane's 120 ms, but arrows are actually fired every 120 ms.

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    They get:

    Crystal throw wich is basically 3 snails with crystals.

    Medical boost (?)
    lv1.- Potions heal and last 110% of their time
    lv2.- Potions heal and last 120% of their time
    lv3.- Potions heal and last 130% of their time

    And dark sight wich lasts for 30 seconds (?) and gives them +20 speed.

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    Phil: pineappleing fiel.

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    For the doubtful mind out there, how did you come to this conclusion?

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    Watch a pre-BB Wild Hunter video before Final Attack made things complicated.

    Figure approximate speed. I count about 8-9 arrows per second; there's no way that's 17 or 33.

    If you want to argue that they could've changed the attack speed post-BB, that just seems highly unlikely, and the video evidence doesn't seem to support that, although it's hard to tell with numbers coming out that fast and erratically.

    Oh, and we KNOW the animation speed is 60 ms, since that can be extracted.

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    So wait I'm not following>.> is it faster or equal?

    On a side note what does ms equal? Milliseconds?

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    Both skills fire at the same speed. Wild Vulcan's animation is twice as fast as Hurricane. ms = milliseconds.

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    I actually got a chuckle out of the description.

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    And Wild Hunter does not have a Critical Shot skill of any form, correct? Kind of a shame how criticals aren't that big a deal anymore.

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    The jaguar gives them +40% critical rate.

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    Oh I see, silly me. Boy, this sucks for BMs.

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    +20% crit from swallow
    +20% crit from SE

    Wild hunters may be able to reach 100% crit chance.

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    Omfg I just read that and lol'd.



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