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    I'm reuploading all of the animations right now, but it's taking a while. Everything should be reuploaded by now.

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    Where the f'uck is Threaten lol. They seem to be missing skills really randomly.

    Page's skills require a total of 100 SPs to max out while from 30 to 70 you can get 120 SPs, what? I guess there won't be any White Knights/Paladins for a while.

    Any chance this isn't a Nexon problem?

    They did indeed. I think it changed around Orbis PQ time.

    Did they take away the Warrior's HP enhancing skill?

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    Fiel mentioned Improved Fundamentals was missing. And he's filling in skills rather rapidly.

    But some of the name changes are... Gag-worthy. Maybe my memory is going, but did Nexon change the skill from Dragon Buster to Dragon Crusher, then just now back to Dragon Buster?

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    That one is my fault.

    Guys, lemme know if you see any other missing skills. I can already tell you that Enhanced Fundamentals is gone - there's no skill data for it. That's the only one I know for sure is gone - the others please let me know.

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    Interesting that they took out advanced fundamentals for warriors, but Advanced Basics shows up in the archers layout for 2nd job.

    As Kalovale pointed out, Warriors HP Enhancement skill in Swordman job is missing.

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    I find it much more likely that they missed the skill than they took it out for "balancing reasons."

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    Any chance you also missed Warrior's HP boosting skill? Brawler's is still there and Magician has their MP boost intact as well.

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    Probably missed. It wouldn't make any sense at all to take it out since all other HP/MP/Resistance boosting skills are in.

    Edit: It's there now. All is right with the world. A raisin to Fiel for this all.

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    Enhanced Basics added. I hate bugs.

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    EDIT: Never mind, they've all been fixed :)

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    For spell mastery, they didn't include the variable. Triple checked it.

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    Page's and Spearman's positions in the list need to be swapped.

    Other than that, nothing I've seen needs fixing yet.

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    Only 5 points for resurrect? Was that the case in KMS as well, or did I just luck out with my build?

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    Advanced Combo Attack
    level 30: Damage: +10% per combo orb, Max Combo Orbs: 2, Double Charge Speed Proc Rate: 80%
    -It's listed as "Max Combo Orbs: 2" for all levels. Shouldn't it be 6 --> 10 or does that apply to Double Orb Charge?

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    Their fault, not mine. Good catch, though.

    It should be 5 - 10, not 2 all the way. They hardcoded a value.

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    I'm just glad to see Nexon decided not to screw around with the skills. Only another few weeks until SP and FJ for my bandit. :>

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    Meditate gives +x% MATK now? I only looked at F/P Wizard skills so I only noticed it there.

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    My mighty corsair brethren! We'll be UNSTOPPABLE with a 700+ MAGIC attack increase on our ships .

    Also Pirate's revenge>Counter Attack .



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