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Thread: [GMS] [Module] Big Bang

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    It's not unless it was changed.

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    lol, I hate bugs.

    Enhanced Basics will be in there soon.

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    Bugs are a way of life with coding.. The only way to eliminate them all is to pretty much cover all possible scenarios and run it through the wringer over and over until there's no more potential things to cause them. Then pray that no one invents something new that needs the code to be upgraded, causing more bugs. =P

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    I think that's the evolving ring Gaga talks about. If it is, then you need to stay logged on 1 hour a day for 17 days to get it to it's max potential.

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    So 2 and a half weeks for an uber one-of-a-kind ring? Not too bad if I do say so myself. 1 hour is easily doable, assuming people don't crash left and right due to bugs / glitches / compatibility issues lol

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    Some explanation is needed here.

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    Was referring to the THIS THREAD IS NOW DIAMONDS image. It gets posted in every thread.

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    Pretty sure he is tried of seeing the "This <Blank> is now Diamonds!" thing.

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    Why there's almost no mob changes? Did you put only those who were changed from KMS?

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    When I do this extraction, I only extract the new mobs added. I'll get to the rest of them later. It's next on my list.

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    gMS is going overboard again with that ring and shoulderpad(I just wish shoulderpad isnt gacha).

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    The new EXP card eh?

    I wonder how long it lasts and how much EXP it gives.

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    If you get to level 70 in the new server Cosmo, you get this bandana. KMS makes a copy of it for every new server.
    Came from one of our Hot Time events. (be logged in at 2:30PM then at 2:31PM you recieve a box/SP reset. Medal came out of the box, but it was really really rare.)
    Nope, its not. It was just really rare, so there would probably be only 1 or 2 in each server.
    Yeah, they are for new servers.

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    What servers does KMS have? Was any added on/near Big Bang?

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    I don't think that's relevant. Servers being added is related to population, not content. So if they did, that doesn't mean we do as well.

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    If I'm not wrong, the last three servers (Nova, Cosmo, Androa) were added after Big Bang.

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    That wouldn't explain the population, or the lack of it, in plenty of gMS servers as of now. Besides, there are plenty of business opportunities connected to Big Bang in opening a new world: Fresh start, 2x events to explore new skills/content faster + the rumored nerf of family EXP entitlement, etc...

    It would be logical for population to be top priority, but that wouldn't necessarily mean it's the only one. For all I know, content affects population itself to a certain degree.

    Mine could simply be wishful thinkings, so I do put efforts in being rational about this.



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