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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.345] Halloween

  1. Default [1.2.345] Halloween

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    Things to discuss:
    - Okay, so a filler patch, but what's next?
    - Will GMS be receiving this event too?


    Bug Fixes:
    - The level 120 items are added to the Marx Leon 1 set.
    - For Buccs, a glitch was fixed with the wave skill. It can now be used while in Super Transform
    - For Bishops, Resurrection's MP cost is increased from 50 MP to 150 MP. This is to fix a bug where Combat Orders would cause a negative MP reduction. The new formula is 300-30*x.
    - The scroll "60% 1H INT" scroll now correctly gives +1 INT on weapons instead of +1 ACC.








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    It looks like everything there is scripted portals. My guess is that you warp there and back a la happyville.

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    That sword is quite sexy. Do want.

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    I wish they added a Leon katara that looks the same as the dagger. That would be so epic! or just a katara in general. ):

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    The images are quite broken on the mobs I must say.

    That 1H sword is totally sexy.

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    I never noticed they have 8 slots instead of 7... o-o

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    Get there through the dimension mirror. Sounds like the plot is that the characters in the mansion are tired of only existing during halloween so they're trying to break whatever curse holds them there.

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    "Wow, cool sword!"
    > 100 dex requirement

    I want to see some amazing chaos-scrolled attack hats from this event.

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    A belated welcome to 2010, where 100 dex is nothing at all.

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    Base dex + CZak + CHTP + belt/medal/ring + random base dex on gear should put you up past 80 already.

    Also, even at 27 attack those hats are worse than a 3-line Epic CZak.

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    No images in monster section :o

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    Cool. Now wheres our Halloween.

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    Sorry guys, my warriors aren't funded with 3b, and I'm sure as hell not adding 50 base dex for one sword.

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    My mage is only funded with about 1.2b and I have 76 dex. CHTPs and CZaks will eventually be a lot cheaper, too.



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