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Thread: [MSEA] [0.96] Halloween

  1. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: lawl
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    Hmm a hawkeye set

    what are the corsages o.o

  2. Default

    Why is it weird that they have both Neo City and Neo Tokyo? They're different areas that look the same its like the Mirror Races in Mario Kart. Also its sort of a requirement to have them they could to a JMS thing and change the story a bit not a big deal.

  3. Default

    No, it isn't like that. What would that tell you about a company? If they completely rewrote the story of an area, changed a few stats and implimented it? And it isn't like the stories aren't similar. It's going to be eerie and creepy. I can't say it won't happen anymore. But it still does not make sense in the slightest.

  4. Default

    Have you seen what JMS did to Kerning Square. The whole thing was mutilated then raped(story wise that is)>.>

  5. Default

    What JMS did to kerining square was save it. It made it have its own story without affecting gameplay. The lack of Taipei 101 NPCs support the fact that JMS can still get Taipei 101. Monsters can have other incarnations, as Neo City proved in GMS and Kerning Square proved it with JMS. But, NPCs are yet to be replaced in this version of Neo City. As far as these extractions tel me, it looks like it's identical or nearly identical to the KMS and GMS one. Neo City remains vastly unchanged, if it is even.

  6. Default

    Ah I see your point. GUess we'll have to wait and see eh?

  7. Default

    Is your first question a joke question because KMS already did that with Kerning Square and Neo Tokyo and made themselves look like a bunch of asses.

    You're reading far too much into it. Just because it shares maps and NPC's doesn't mean anything, there is a Gaga, Cassandra and Maple Admin in every city, so it's nothing new. Most people won't be bothered by it in the least because Neo City and Neo Tokyo are two completely different things gotten to in completely different places and most people will understand that, it seems like only you have a problem with it for some weird reason.

    There you go again. NPC's can have different incarnations, there has never been proof in the game to say otherwise. And if MSEA does actually get Neo City it will shoot your entire argument down in flames.

  8. Default

    I noticed that MSEA've been adding Neo City mobs, npcs, strings to the client since version 86, it might be possible that it's coming along the already implemented Neo Tokyo.

  9. Lead Ball
    IGN: Killmeplsok
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    Those tokens are so easy to drop. I got a buddy get 2 belt scroll in 20 minutes time(Equivalent to 200 tokens.). Bishop by the way. Drop from all mobs include world tour. Not sure if SG/MY mobs drop them too, though.

  10. Default

    Yup, the tokens drop rate ain't low as I had expected

  11. Default

    Actually, when we take the Taxi, we'll be sent to the Mansion, where, from there, you can use the most left portal to Bent Tree.
    Same method as GMS, with the addition of using the Mirror to do the same.

  12. Default

    After the patch I take it? And we go through a portal to the righ side of the manison entrance to get to Bent tree, if we go left we end up elsewhere in the Phantom forest.

  13. Default

    @1: But, KMS doesn't have Tokyo, do they? They already made a horrible corporate move when they created kerning square and neo city. The copycat and the original being in the same version will seal the deal of this being one of the worst corporate decisions nexon has ever made

    @2: You're right. Does it make you happy? Your e-penis just grew a little. I'll go back to being a mindless f'ucking zombie like everyone else that loves everything nexon makes and thinks it's the best thing any gaming company has ever made.

  14. Default

    Same NPCs in different places and different storylines in a place which looks the same as another and NPCs which look the same but have different functions and say different things aren't quite the same.

    Sure, there might be the same NPCs in several towns (such as Cassandra, Maple Admin, etc.), but they all have the same function(s). On the other side, Neo Tokyo's and Neo City's NPCs look the same, yeah, but they have completely different functions and say different things. Not even considering maps which would look the same but have different names. It just wouldn't make sense, and would be horrible to add to the game. Period.

  15. Default

    But they're different NPC's in different places, different storylines and different names, they are only the same in their looks, everything else is completely different.

    Despite the normal Maple player I am pretty sure most people would be able to tell the difference. Neo City already makes no sense given that Neo Tokyo existed before.

  16. Default

    Neo City is bigger than Neo Tokyo. Neo Tokyo first area is the Harbor with 2 maps total. 2nd area is a 1 map area the only thing the same in their maps are the backgrounds.

  17. Default

    I count 36 tokyo maps and 24ish neo city maps. Extras/repeat maps included. GMS added neo city expansion EXCLUDED.

  18. Default

    The expansions not that big its just taking maps and altering the spawn which was all it was, nothing special.So total of about 27-28 maps in the GMS Neo City.

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    ...Which is why i excluded it...


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