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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.340] Empress Skills

  1. Default [1.2.340] Empress Skills

    Figured I'd put this in a separate topic as they might be changing these more often.

    All Classes

    Adventurer Only
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  2. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
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    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    I love this idea of Ultimate Adventurers ^^

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    I can't say I agree with you. You have to what, level a Cygnus to 120 and then create a new Adventure for these mediocre skills? They got worse with the update! I'm hoping there will be some kind of explaination soon. They are hardly worth leveling a new character let alone the small chance of giving the skills to an existing character.

    Soul Driver (1620ms): The range is decent I suppose, and the damage is high, but the speed is too slow to bother.
    Flame Gear (1440ms): It only burns for 3 seconds. It's not worth using in my opinion.
    Wind Piercing (1200ms): Well, knockback is nice for Corsairs and Night Lords I suppose, but other than that no class benefits.
    Vampire (1350ms): Low recovery rate, low enemy count. It's hardly decent for any class.
    Shark Wave (2280ms): Not really worth it for any class. It's a slow ranged attack. It's decent for warriors I suppose.

    I like that they are trying to get more use out of Cygnus characters, I really do. I think that other than the new blessing, they are doing a half-assed job with it.
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    You're making it worse than it sounds and there is plenty of time for updates. I recall shark wave being quite devasting as a mob skill as well. Soul driver is also a better alternative to warriors.

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    Soul Driver's Range was cut back in Big Bang and I think Shark Wave's was as well. I know very well that the speed of Shark Wave was reduced. They aren't as good anymore.

  6. Neon Atom Straight Male

    IGN: Huskey
    Server: KradiaEMS
    Level: 160
    Job: Aran
    Guild: UndiesPatrol
    Alliance: UndiesUnited


    I guess they will get more upgrades then only these skills. KoCs get 6 AP every level at lv 30-70 too. I guess Ult. Adv. will get something like this too, as it's almost the same system, but just reversed.

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    Adventurer Soul Driver Range


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    Erm... why did they nerf:
    1. Number of monsters attacked
    2. Things like healing ratio of Vampire... (Normal Vampire is 5% heal attack per hit)

    2% heal with 90% x 4 damage? that's really low...

    Avg Attack range: 3000 -> 360% -> 10.800 * 0.02 = 216 HP Heal... VVTF Nexon? Fail? :')

    Well ok... I guess the extra 24 watt is still nice... But these "skills" suck balls... :/

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    Make new Beginners on Super Easy mode? Not that bad, considering how everyone and their mom is going to have a char of every available class.

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    Oh, my bad. As far as I knew, it had more vertical range prior to Big Bang. I did my research and noticed my mistake. Regardless, in the current state, these skills will only be show-off skills to prove you got a Cygnus to 120 and made a new adventurer or however the system will work in the end. Unless you have direct access to these around levels 30-50, it won't make a difference in the character as each character will output more damage as soon as the first skill of the third job advancement is learned.

    Oh and for a comparison:

    Soul Driver: Damage equal to MAX, 3 less targets, mana cost reduced by 8
    Flame Gear: Damage equal to MAX, life duration decreased by 25 seconds, burn duration decreased by 5 seconds, 50% less burn damage, mana cost reduced by 25
    Wind Piercing: 100% less damage, 3 less targets, mana cost reduced by 9
    Vampire: 30% more damage, 3 less targets, 3% less HP regenerated, mana cost reduced by 12
    Shark Wave: Damage equal to MAX, 2 less targets, mana cost reduced by 20

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    Corsairs don't need knockback even now on GMS, and I think since BB came out on KMS NLs don't need it either

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    Wait, does Wind Piercing act like Dragon's Breath, or does it just "knockback," meaning it does a lot of per-hit damage? The former would be incredibly useful to Corsairs, while the latter is completely useless since Torpedo does the same thing but better.

    Edit: Oh wait, it hits 3 mobs, it sucks anyway.

  13. Default

    May try a CK after BB when this comes out, from Spadow:

    Wasn't this an NX Item?

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    I was under the assumption that it worked like the former. I looked at some videos and it does not. The high damage is all that was causing the Knockback. Shows how much I know/care about Cygnus.

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    The whole Ultimate Adventurer thing doesn't really sound much interesting. The new skills for Cygnus Knights like Empress' Call (adds 20% maxHP and maxMP) and the Empress' Prayer do, though. It looks like they want Cygnus Knights to have more HP for a future fight against the Black Magician.

    Sure, it sounds unrealistic for now, but they might actually be able to fight against the Black Magician even if they're just level 120. Maybe they'll receive less damage because of a spell from the Empress, or something like that. But I'm pretty sure that they'll find a way to make them fight the Black Mage, along with the other classes. They were meant for that, afterall.

    That's IF the Black Magician will ever be released, obviously.

  16. Default

    Accuracy formula says that Cygnus Knights will never hit the Black Mage unless they want to make him a level 130/170 mob which just seems lol.

  17. Default

    Right.. I completely forgot about that. ._.

    Well.. I don't really know how'd they get around that. Maybe that means that the Black Mage will just stay a legend, a myth.. but several quests say that he's reviving soon.. and there are several signs he is.. one of them is Big Bang itself. The change of Victoria Island.. they explained it with a spell of him. Why all this if they don't want to release him?

    The Ultimate Adventurers.. they'd be able to hit him at max level, even if not 100%.. right?

    Maybe that's how they want to get around that. But then.. does it mean that our Cygnus Knights will be completely useless for the fight against him? What about all the quests which talked about Cygnus Knights having to help against the Black Mage? Maybe they were just meant to DEFEND the Empress from the Black Mage, not DIRECTLY fight him.. so maybe they won't directly participate in the battle, but there might be more fights for them in the future.

    Or they might also make an exception for them in the data.. something which makes them able to hit the Black Mage, even if they're low level. That's a possibility. But it's highly unlikely.

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    They could make it so that there needs to be cygnus characters for the PQ, like as in GPQ needing a 30- character for a certain room? Would make a final boss difficult with a 30 man limit :P

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    System is now completely worthless for the skills. Soul driver is still kind of worth having though. I'd help for zak arms and HT still.



  20. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
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    What is this nonsense? You mean to tell me my over 1,000 hours invested in my main will be useless thanks to a form of New Game+ for Adventurers? Why would veteran players get shafted while new players or plain power levelers gets it easy?

    Eh wait, I see that the Empress blessing apply to all characters, so the only reason to have an ultimate Adventurer is so I can get one Cygnus Skill, and the ability to wear equipment 10 levels earlier?



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