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Thread: [MSEA] [0.95] CWKPQ/Aliens

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    IGN: Akusaria
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    The MSEAers did actually get majorly robbed in one aspect. From what I've gathered over at AsiaSoft forums, the entire Crimsonwood area is restricted to 90+, and it doesn't look like they can get there from NLC either. That means Lower Ascent is useless to them, and Bigfoot leech at that point would be near meaningless (although I would that consider that to be a positive. Then again, they also lack the deputy star quests).

    Uh... On another note... I've never quite figured out how Return Scrolls to NLC worked. Does anyone have a list of all areas in which they can be successfully used?

    EDIT: Okay, thanks. Not quite as useful as I hoped.

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    It works in masteria and anywhere else in the same continent (data-wise). Like amoria or the neo city expansion.

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    They'll work on most any continent 6 map, the exceptions being the Amoria expansion leading up to the PQ (For some reason the regular monster maps are lumped in with the PQ maps data wise, so no town scrolls at all.) In GMS this frequently means that custom event maps will enable them to work, like the Dragon egg incubator map, which would let you skip from, say, Ludi to NLC in an instant. What that means for MSEA is that, if NLC scrolls are obtainable (do they drop in the CKPQ bonus? I forget) you could go to Crimsonwood via the mirror in, say, Omega sector, use the scroll, and be in NLC in a few seconds, whereas via the boats it would take upwards of an hour. Quite convenient.

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    So they lose Windraiders. Still have Stormbreaker(?), Nightshadow and Typhons to train on, that is if currently existing MSEA training spots aren't already better (see:Gallop).

    What else do they get, 152 BFs to train on. Jesus. I would KILL for that CWK.

  5. Deluxe Refrigerator
    IGN: Akusaria
    Server: Windia
    Level: 15x
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: Nuclear
    Alliance: NuclearHonor


    I'm curious about something, though.

    It would appear that they don't have the permanent Haunted Mansion like we do. Nexon certainly remembered to have the mirror drop off everyone at Bent Tree to avoid issues with the mansion, but what about the backdoor portal to the mansion (as in, the right-most portal in the Swamp Bog map)?

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    Swamp bog have no portals except the one on the most left that brings you to the phantom forest. In other words, its a dead end.

    Edit: All jobs can do cwkpq, aran, evan, koc.

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    Am I allowed to cry?

    Though, I should be happy for MSEA-ers. The day will come that Nexon America will change it as well....right?

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    Hopefully. I don't really care about KoCs, but Arans, yes.

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    Very odd drops...there is a way to constantly KB them but never understood how. Something about attacking it while it's foot is off the ground or something.

    I've seen arans in JMS CWKPQ. Not sure about Evans, Dual Blades and CoKs.

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    I agree. Sometimes me and some of my friends make jokes saying that Bigfoot ate all those items before he died

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    I see the Ruby Dragon Mask.
    Is AsiaSoft trying to do what NexonAM did? By putting them available only in Gachapons...?

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    "Oh no, bigfoot ate my homework!"

    ...ahem Chaos Griffey from Dragon Rider PQ also drops three quest items that refers to Endy (nonexistent NPC) and Terra Forest (nonexistent area). At least these drops are within the known maple world :/

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    Those are part of Neo City.


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