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Thread: [MSEA] [0.95] CWKPQ/Aliens

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    Oh, then that's the same as GMS.

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    In GMS, as a Nightlord, I can land 2 TTs, and then it will be go into broken frame mode meaning its almost useless to try to pin it. Is it like that for you? Also do you have the big hitbox BF or the one we used to have where you could easily jump over it?

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    If you don't quite understand CarrionCrow's question, was the fight somewhat like this?

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    The broken frame is the same for me, as for the other one I've yet to try that.

    Edit : died more than 10 times today !!! RAGE )($@$@$(@
    25% dropped to 0%

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    So its mean, no need to do the jump quest???!?!? wtp i want that on gMS too... :(!

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    We do have to do the jump quest, I've spend hours going up and down for the badges and kills..

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    Here on gMS, dont need anything to get into cwkpq, just sign up. o_o

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    Awww they have our European events D; Especially the beer event TnT. No tomato haha XD
    Also, hello, CWK at MSEA? :D *Someone predicted EMS would get it 2 more patches - BET THAT WONT HAPPEN*

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    The Dimensional Mirror sends them to Bent Tree, where they are free to explore as they wish. They got all of Phantom Forest and CWK, not just the PQ.

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    * twitch* I'de understand if they get the SAME version as us..but BETTER..

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    The leader signing up has to possess a Crimsonwood keystone and like 10 crimson hearts i believe unless they randomly changed it.

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    Improvement over original T.T

    But MoN with slots is ridiculous. Everything else is fine and danady, but MoN with slots is game breaking o_O especially when their potential patch comes out, because that'll mean potentialed lower leveled, slotted MoNs.

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    Just the leader need it.

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    that jq is the easiest in the game. well not now with the 15 second lag but still.

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    Bent tree? That's... odd. You'd think they'd at least start them off at the Ninja camp. Anyone tried a town scroll out there?

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    I see they lack the best thing from CWK;

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    thank GOD those are just gachapon only! /sarcasm

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    I can see it coming, next patch: the cwk bosses now drop great items, get your hats and goggles now!.


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