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Thread: [MSEA] [0.95] CWKPQ/Aliens

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    Bleh MSEA..ah well, guess things can't be exclusive forever eh?

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    yeah, that is what i think too, visitor stuff can't be potentialed, because it doesn't accept any type of scroll, so maybe the coding for visitor stuff is different from normal equips.

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    *does a double take* Whaaaaaaaaat?

    Olivia is ruined for me f4
    still cute tho

    How come MSEA get Mark of Naricain and JMS doesn't ._.

    Fiel can extract how many monsters spawn in each map? If so, can you see which maps spawn 7th Anniversary hot air balloons?

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    Does their mirror lead to the hall of mastery? That might explain some of the mobs included. No lower ascent, just the hall? I'm not very familiar with their setup over there.

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    Well they do have NLC, and got all the crimsonwood forest maps and monsters (including Bigfoot and Typhons and such), im sure they'll get the forest at a later date, they'll get all of the Masteria story eventually I bet.

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    I lol'd at them getting EMS' Beer Tent. That was such an ooold event.

    Also, looks like that aliens are the new trend in MapleStory.

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    Ok thank you for filling me in on that. :D

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    I'm sure it will definitely be released before 2011.

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    The alien captured thing was from JMS. It is basically a hene hoe event; aliens fly around the town and you capture them. turn in quest, repeat.

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    MSEA seems to be JMS(insert naughty word here) like we are KMS.

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    Thanks Fiel for the extraction, though I'm so removed from Maple already... going to UK for uni soon.

    If MSEA gets CwK map... my my... that's a whole revolution waiting to happen. The insane HP/EXP ratios, and the ridiculously good-pricing of the pots, and of course the map-buying and crap. That's assuming we do get all the CwK stuff and that they're brought over without any changes.

    For now, CwKPQ in MSEA is not town-exclusive since we don't have CwK (hence we can't say that it is exclusive to CwK when CwK doesn't exist... yet), thus CwKPQ is Mirrored. Can predict all the usual money-making schemes that will happen...


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    thks for the extraction Fiel... mymy, the MoN that i've waited years (literally) for...

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    Okay, based on the data there isn't any missing frames for bigfoot.
    It seems that it can be hit continuously, hopefully when the server is up I can test it.

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    Eff, Bigfoot, WR, Flame Keeper Cordon, MoN with 4 pineappleing slots. They get every pineappleing thing!!!!!

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    I hope it's permanent for them, every version deserves to have Crimsonwood, it's awesome

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    Serioursly Jealous. I am happy for every version that gets the awesomeness that is Masteria, but it is not suppose to be improved by a wagonload. A lower level MoN with slots beat the hell out of Chaos HT necklace unless you glitch it, and a normal framed Bigfoot would be the easiest thing to hunt and be so fast to kill its silly.

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    Good news: we can enter CWK from anywhere else with the Mirror of Dimension.

    Bad news: I guess only lvl 90s and above can enter CWK then? Haven't check out the NLC entrance yet.

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    aww sorry, my bad..

    AND one thing I am not sure if it's luck or something as I've acquired 3 equipment after killing around 50 wraiths, the drop rate of equipments seems to be * 10 now.

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    It's only when it attack, when it's being knocked back there's missing frames :(

    Died once =\ there goes my 5%


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