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  1. Default Will these parts work together?

    Okay, planning on getting a Crucial C300 128 GB SSD soon. There's a problem, though. I really want to run it in 6 gb SATA III (all reviews show a performance advantage when doing so) but I don't have a SATA III port (and I'm fairly sure my next compy won't - I'd explain why, but it'd take too long). So, I saw this ASUS board and thought I could add it to my system. It's PCI-E 4x.

    My current setup:
    C2D E6400 @ 2.93
    3 GB DDR2-800
    8800 GTS 512
    MSI 965-Platinum

    1. Can I add this ASUS board to my system?
    2. Will adding this board cause my graphics card PCI-E slot to downgrade to 8x? Will that affect its performance?
    3. Can I boot from a drive that's connected to the add-in board?

    Thanks for any help.

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    1. Do you have a PCI-E x4 slot? Physically, not electronically.
    2. If the answer to 1 is 'yes', even if it does, it's a 8800 GTS, so probably not. You'd need like a 5970 to even notice.
    3. Can't guarantee it, but probably, otherwise there would be next to no point in them.

    Ignore my number 1, I just read the specifications and it can be used in a PCI-E x16 slot.

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    Here are my mobo specs:

    PCI-E GenGen1 (1x16, 1x4)

    And a pic:

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    From what the specs state, it is capable of running 1 PCI-E x16 at x16, and the other at x4. The problem is, though, will the two run together without CrossFire? I've personally never used more than 1 PCI-E x16 slot at once, and all of the computers that I own only have 1. My guess is that they will probably run, but might want to make sure beforehand.

    Booting will probably be fine (99%+), BIOSs allow you to boot from bootable add in cards after all (and the fact that the card would have almost no appeal if you couldn't boot off of it).

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    I don't see the problem of using both slots at the same time and not having CF/SLI. I'm not attempting to run two graphics cards in tandem. I don't even think my mobo supports CF/SLI. It's never advertised on the manufacturer's website of such, and the mobo manual makes no mention of its support.

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    Apparently it supports CrossFire based on the specs given on MSI's website.
    Some chipsets (from what I've heard) can't use more than 1 PCI-E x16 slot unless it is another video card.

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    Oh what, server lag. D=
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    not sure how the PIC-E 1.0a slot will affect it, but it won't run it as fast as if you had SATA3.0 on the mobo.

    Edit: Noticed the 3GB RAM....

    1024 x 2 + 512 x 2?

    Else if you have 3 x 1024, you might want to benchmark ram, then take out one that's "single" and bench again.

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    Just curious but why a Solid State Drive?

    And not to discourage you but make sure you disable Defragmentation on SSD drives as well or the constant read/writes will shorten the lifespan of the data cells.

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    Pcie 1.0 x16= PCIE 2.0 x8

    PCIE 2.0 is double the bandwidth and if the first slot is in use its better to not get SSD because the motherboard is a complete bottleneck to the SSD

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    Lol... what.
    The card runs at PCI-E x4, even on PCI-E 1.0 it's 1GB/s (8Gb/s), SATA 3 is only 6Gb/s (750MB/s). The Motherboard won't bottleneck the SSD.



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