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    It does round down, and anyway, my damage range fits with 219 attack exactly. There's no way they're rounding 220.4 to 219...

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    Can a bonus not pertaining to the Unique Primary list be on the first line of a unique item?

    Can this type of information be added to the first post (or onto some sort of comprehensive potential system guide)?

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    On Sleepywood, one of the persons in the Potential Items thread ha a scarlion helm that gives 2 lines of +2 skill levels. Apparently they stack together. Does this mean that with BB, people can actually get the +5 levels over max? o_o

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    It remains unknown whether those bonuses pass the max skill level or it's just combat orders.

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    But if the skills are not maxed, let's say, level 1, then does the Potential Item's +1/2 SP stack together with CO?
    I mean has it been proven or still unknown? CO's +2 SP applies to all jobs or only 4th job skills? I know +2 SP over max level is for 4th jobs only.
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    So what's the deal with this.. i was pretty sure i got how the potential ranks work, but this is messed up right?

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    There is a chance that the 2nd and 3rd line of an item can be any rank, but the chance is extremely low.

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    I have a question; is ignore def 30% basically as good as an attack increase against bosses?

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    I think it apples to weapon def, not cancel def (the symbol that makes you do 1s). It's like having passive DrK sacrifice

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    I worded my question poorly. What I meant to say, is that post BB, will this effect be as viable as total damage +9%, because most bosses have a 30% or more damage reduction? Meaning, 30% of that is approximately 10% more damage vs. bosses.

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    I'm not entirely sure, but i think all it means is the DEF = 0. The thing you're talking about is something called a PDR rate, which is applied after everything. Meaning if something had 50% PDR, whatever you normally do to a monster with no PDR rate but same exact stats, you now do half.

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    Ah, okay! Thanks!

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    I recently scrolled my 140 glove and got "Max Crit +15%" and Str +9%, i didnt think anything of it. is it better than a str +12% and Str +9%? also if anyone may know the updated potential list with legendary.


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    Like @heronz; asked 5 1/2 months ago... Does anyone know all of the possible potentials for Legendary rank? (Or at least just Legendary weapons?)

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    it's on modules. legendary rank is labeled "E"



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