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    I got a primary bonus on the 3rd line of each of these:

    It's quite uncommon though, I don't think I have any other 3-liners that have that primary 3rd line.

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    Oh nice that's good to know.

    Edit: Ninja'd! dammit Cyanne you win again! D:

    3rd job sky ski spear (lvl 85)

    boss dmg +30% (Unique primary)
    all stats +3% (Unique secondary: all stat +(job adv range)%)
    boss dmg +30% (Unique primary)

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    Oh, my bad. I think I had

    3% str
    3% dex
    +something else

    at one point on my earrings while they were still rare, so I guess that confirms the primary bonus can be on any line, although it's always present on the first. Second/third line bonuses aren't locked into primary.

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    what can you even do before 140 that you need high HP for? Zakum is level 140, and accuracy and damage reduction makes it essentially pointless to go before that.

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    Zakum is level
    It's DPRate isn't much much of a bother, really.

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    Ah. Well, the all changed mobs thread is wrong. :<

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    They were changed again after that.

    Also it would be nice if archers and gunslingers/assassins didn't have to train on monsters that 2-hit them their entire 3rd job and beyond. May not be mandatory to have more HP but i would appreciate a little leeway if I have a sudden bout of lag.

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    I've been racking my brain trying to think, is android bottomwear the ONLY option we have for HB then? Since the stirge set is rather outdated and lost at sea?

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    If you wanted HB, you could make lvl 26 common pants with it, then wear an overall on top and the skill stays in the skillbook, I'm pretty sure it's a glitch but still.
    About the "level" requirement for the skills, it's char level right? because a friend got SE on lvl 80 gloves.

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    You can also lend the pants to a friend, let them put the HB onto their keys and then they have it forever too...

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    so, can cubing change the second and third bonuses between primary and secondary or not?

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    I thought the item had to be level 70 or higher to get the skill? Have you guys gotten HB on lower then level 70 pants?

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    Well I was fairly sure i've seen Mystic Door on a Zakum helm, which is level 50.

    Though if that was a Chaos zakum helm your theory holds, but I dont think it was...

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    If you're talking about jellyflower/lachrymus's helm, it's a chaos zak.

    Can someone give me an example illustrating exactly what


    rare secondary

    Rare primary, epic secondary

    Epic primary, unique secondary

    Unique primary


    actually means. To make it simpler, just use &#37; dex on 71-120, so meaning rare = 3%, epic is 6%, and unique is 9%. I'm getting confused exactly about the primary/secondary, and when you list both on one option.

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    Say your item is epic.

    The first line is always primary, so if you get % dex, it'll be 6% dex.
    The second line is secondary or primary, so if you get % dex, it could be 3%, or 6%.
    ' ' for the third line.

    Diagram :D
    So each rank can take out of 2 groups of possible bonuses, 1 primary and 1 secondary. Each group of bonuses is better than the previous one, and you need to get a primary bonus on a unique item to access the best bonuses.
    Last edited by Turtally; 2010-08-16 at 12:53 AM. Reason: Messed up the diagram lol

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    Oh so really i should read it as

    epic primary = unique secondary

    correct? Cause the comma throws me off instead of an = or a /

    Really that does make much more sense since those values have to be equal.

    Now do we actually have concrete evidence that once a slot bonus is one of these statuses, it is stuck like that forever? aka a 21&#37; to one stat/multiple stats [disregard %all] can never achieve a 24 or 27%?

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    ^ lol nice paint job

    I was wondering when it said decent SE, Decent HB etc, what lvl are the skills? lvl 1? max? Thanks in advance :o

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    To add onto my question, if we were long-term planning, the best thing to cube would be an item with 3 bonuses, and the bonuses were all rare primary (Assuming you only find rare equips) as then as you cube it, it will be epic primary, and unique primary

    Unless it's possible to change the slot bonus rank with cubes.

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    nope a 21% can still go 24/27 and once you achieve 24/27, next cube will most likely get it back to 21% cuz the chance of getting a primary stat on 2nd and 3rd line is very low

    Now this level requirement is very confusing, some people says its the item level and now this one SE on a level 80 gloves!

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    I remember way back in one of the first threads on the subject (back before we had potentials) the unique stat for capes was +1 to all skills

    Am I remembering this wrong or was this changed for gms? or perhaps I'm just not looking in the right place

    Anyways, thanks for the info



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