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    Dragon Quest 4 - 6 are an indirect trilogy. Or, at least that's what the creators claim. The only tie that binds them is Cloudsgate Citadel and the Zenithians. That said, I'm a fan of playing things in order so I would recommend 4 first. They each have distinctly different ways of telling a story.

    Dragon Quest 4 is told in the form of chapters. Each chapter is the story of another character. Eventually all of the characters come together and that's the rest of the game. It's definitely an interesting way of filling out back story.

    Dragon Quest 5 is told through the life of the hero. The first couple hours show the childhood of the hero adventuring with his father and friend Bianca. After a tragic event, the hero is confined until adulthood where he seeks REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This leads to him getting married to one of three women; you get to pick which you want. You adventure with your wife a bit and then get her pregnant and have twins. Something else happens and like five or eight years pass. I can't remember which. Anyway, when you resume you now adventure with your kids.

    Dragon Quest 6 is really the most conventional of the bunch in that you basically just go around aimlessly helping people and killing monsters, seeking out the source. You go between reality and a dream world (sort of like the past and present in DQ7 but less cool)

    and if you haven't played it, Dragon Quest IX is amazing. You play as a character of your creation who was cast out of heaven during an evil eruption. You search for a way to return while helping people out to restore their faith in you. It's a pretty simple premise but the game is so much fun and as I've stated before, there's so much post-game content.

    And Magical Starsign is fun. If you like the Mana series you'll like it, as it's got basically the same style of art and gameplay, as well as humour.

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    Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne for the PS2, and Pokemon White for the DS.

    Also, which would you guys Reccomend? Okamiden or No more heroes?

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    If you've played Okami, Okamiden. If you haven't played Okami, Okamiden.

    No More Heroes is a fun game, but I believe Okamiden has a more enjoyable interface.

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    Did you mean "if you haven't played Okami, play Okami"? Because Okami is way better than Okamiden and it's also important in regards to story (which gets really freaking convoluted in the middle of the game and it's somewhat important to know the back-story)

    So play okamiden if you have played Okami. Otherwise just go play Okami.

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    Well, he was asking between Okamiden and No More Heroes, not Okamiden, No More Heroes and Okami. So I suggested Okamiden because I believe it to be better than No More Heroes, but not Okami since Okami wasn't part of the question he asked.

    Okami. Take a drink for every time I said Okami or Okamiden in this post. Okami.

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    Haha, well in this case then yes, Okamiden. But as an aside, play Okami if you haven't.

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    I'm planning on eventually getting all three of them eventually (along with No More Heroes 2), but I'm saving cash for a 3DS/So I'm not broke in college and trying to find whats the best choice until I can get the next game.

    Okami/Okamiden it is then. GAMESTOP, HOOOOO.

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    I need an online game to keep me bussy, I love playing League of Legends but unfortunately last patch made it impossible for me to play (any match will freeze my comp at some point and I'll have to restart only to find my master boot record screwed up so I have to reformat the comp).
    I need something simmilar to LoL, but I'm open to any kind of games except Minecraft or any FPS.
    Other games I've played in the past just seem plain boring, so I'd rule out Mu online, Rose, Gun bound, RO... and I forgot what else.
    Oh also Maplestory, but even though I log in and get bored to the point I leave and want to punch myself in the face for trying to play it again, I feel like I'll go back to playing that since if I don't get any good suggestions.

  9. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
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    You can play the original version of LoL: Warcraft 3 DoTA.

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    Is it paid? I'm not a fan of private servers and I can't reall afford to pay for a game. (If I could I would get a better computer, go back to LoL and shut up xD)

  11. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    .... you never heard of Warcraft 3? >_>

    And what I mean by Warcraft 3 DOTA is the orginal LoL was a custom map that you play in Warcraft 3 called DoTA (Defense of the Ancients).

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    You could've said "No, it's not paid", but anyway, whenever I hear Warcraft all I think is WoW.

    Edit: Anyway, thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out xD

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    Been quite some time, so here goes a little updating.

    Seconding (assuming their mention in the thread was a recommendation)

    Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies | RPG | DS
    Okamiden | Adventure/Action | DS


    Radiant Historia | RPG | DS (Have yet to finish it to be honest, but the experience so far still warrants this.)
    Minecraft | Adventure? | PC (Since it has been so long since this thread was updated)
    Terraria | Adventure/Platforming | PC
    Portal 2 | Platforming/Puzzle/FPS | PC & XBOX 360 & PS3

    All the others since then would be half-hearted recommendations, or I just have yet to finish to be sure they are worth recommending.

    EDIT (Update as of 11/14/11): Been quite some time, so here's a few more. Also, seeing as it is hard as hell to find decent Android games, I'm throwing in recommendations for anything by Kairosoft; all of them are simulation.

    Bastion - PC
    Dragon Quest IV | RPG | DS
    ...and to be honest that's it for now. Been real busy, and the games I've had the chance to play lately have either been replays or crap not worth recommending that I got cheap. Industry as a whole seems to be disappointing me as of late.
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    I got a gaming desktop now, anyone got any recommendations of any free or paying games for me?

    My interests:
    -Side Scrolling
    -Neat Story
    -Good Characters
    -Shooting (Not big on that)
    -Indie's a good choice. (Thanks for Death for reminding me)
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    Risk of rain.

    Shooting 2D side scrolling action game with random generated items.
    Try it out:[Indie%20game]%20Risk%20of%20Rain%20is%20now%20part%20of%20chuck lefish.



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