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  1. Default One Piece thread (Spoilers)

    Like you may know, i'm a big One Piece fan and i know some of you are too. Thats why i made this thread. You have a question about something? Ask it! You don't really know about this manga/anime and you wanna know if its good for you? Ask it! This thread is about anything One Piece related so... Discuss!
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    Luffy looks bad ass in the picture taken when he was ringing the oxe bells.

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    Short way of explaining it is, character with "D." as their middle name are really special....and when they die another will continue on with their will...
    It was next really explained yet but is one of the important mysteries in the story..

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    Did you guys know One Piece was the most sold manga in japan? I was surprised when i saw that because it's little to no popular in North America. Thats the fault of the crappy dubs when they censor so much things (give sanji a lollipop, zomg).

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    Actually, I think the worst case of 4 Kids censorship was when Luffy was fighting Crocodile in that underground temple using hit sweat to harden Croc's body. I mean, common, sweat was the best thing they could come up with!?

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    I used to watch the 4 Kids dub and LOVED it. I saw 1 episode of Funimation and was like "wtp?! THE VOICES CHANGED?!"
    Instantly turned me off.

    I went back not too long ago and watched it from episode one because I heard (and figured) they edited it HEAVILY.

    Truth be told, ZOMFG they edited to hell and back. I enjoy the Funimation Uncut version now. Lots more blood and cussing!

    Bloodily/Painful part for me was when Luffy scaled that mountain to get to Dr. Kureha.

    When he pierced his fingers on the rocks, I was like: >.<
    When he slipped down like 20-30 feet, I was like: X_X and my body was totally cringed. Knew for a fact 4Kids would NOT allow all that blood.

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    Yeah, that scene with Luffy climbing the mountain was the second time any anime has managed to make me cringe. Interestingly enough, the first time was also from One Piece, when Luffy punched Don Krieg through that porcupine cape thing. The idea of perforating my own hand like that just to hurt someone else still makes me shudder a bit, and I'm not a very squeamish person either.

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    I want to watch it again but the last time I saw it was on toonami. When Loofy and his friends were going to the sky. From then I stopped watching and till a few days ago I found it still runs. Is there any kind of summary to what happened?

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    That is all.

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    About what episode are you talking about I never watched the anime but that episode sounds interesting...

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    One piece is going on a 4 week break after this week's issue.


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    Also, favorite song + keyboard piano version for comparison:

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    has to be a time skip. I don't think readers would be very interested in an arc that focuses on all the members' training regimes.

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    I find that to be the most interesting part of recent events, honestly.

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    4 week break? Ffffffffffffffff-

    For me, I thouroughly enjoy this opening so much more. I feel very inspired listening to this as well as reading its lyrics.

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    I would be interested in a flashback to what they did.

    Skip forward to 2 years later when they all meet, and then look back at what they all did.

    I'm just curious what Brook will do with his training time. I mean, he's trapped in a cage. Will he learn new ways to entertain, and new ways to use them as weapons?

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    I wonder what Oda will do during those 4 weeks. And if the time skip will be right as he comes back. I heard most people saying they think it would be best for it to happen in ch. 600.

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    Clearly brooks will turn into a musical support type character. Buffing his allies or hindering his enemies with the power of his music.

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    I like that idea but I rather they flash back a little later on in the story (idk like after they first use their new skills they do a short flash back of their training) instead of spending like 10-20 chapters on them training....



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