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Thread: [Bowman] [RED] Archer Skill Builds

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    Takebacker, I'm not sure how to break it to you but unfortunately Phoenix and EP don't trigger Damage Reflect.

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    Oh ok great. Disregard the fact that i suck cock.


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    I was interpreting it wrong, then. My bad.

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    Well i hope the image pleases you.

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    You're good bro.

    Yeah, EP and (Spirit Link) Phoenix don't have buff icons. As Danny said, they also don't trigger DR. However, FA does trigger DR, which sucks.

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    How does the 20% damage reduction work? It just does it no matter where it's positioned/whether the mob is hitting it, as long as it's been summoned to the field?

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    So, save for the bowmaster build post-Jump being added, everything else is outdated to hell, as far as I can tell. Is this going to be worked on anytime soon?

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    It's passive.

    Sure, I'll fix it later today.

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    Well that sucks. So I assume the new GB strategy would be to puppet to wall, pin it to wall from snipe spot, and then re-puppet in front of you every time you need to buff or reset final attack?
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    Don't need to reset FA. ^_^ That's a fairly large bump to our DPS since it's such a pain to reset it.

    As far as a new GB strat, the attacking EP would be a rather big hassle if you were to place it in the old spot, but then again we gotta keep phoenix out as it is to get the damage and hp buff. So, grandpa runs/solos are going to be more of a hassle, I don't have a strat, just brute force I guess. It's not like the bodyguards attacks are that strong anymore.

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    Ugh I prolly messed up my reset...

    I have

    15 / 15 - Puppet
    20 / 20 - Blizzard
    10 / 10 - Evasion Boost
    20 / 20 - Arrow Eruption
    15 / 20 - Frostprey
    20 / 20 - Strafe
    16 / 20 - Dragon Breath
    5 / 15 - Mortal Blow
    0/20 concentration

    Got 27 left at lv 119 (30 when i get to lv 120 next level)

    So max Concentration, max Frostprey and put last points into Mortal Blow? I hate not having enough SP to max everything.

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    Why did you max AE...

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    I've been a long long time fan of Mortal Blow...but if it is overshadowed by other skills I suppose I shall reluctantly put points in other more useful things.

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    Exactly how I felt when I added points into Dragon Pulse instead of MB.

    I CAN ACTUALLY KB STUFF AT LHC NOW. ;___________________;

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    I think for the OHKO to actually speed up training, you have to like 6HKO+ on non-bosses, and MB would bring that down to 5HKO 15% of the time. It's definitely more useful to a Bow Master where Hurricane + AFA does a lot of "hits" to kill, compared to Pierce... The healing is pretty garbage imo.

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    I'm not sure what I was doing, but BGA, BGB and GB didnt attack me. At all. I'm not sure if its a glitch, if its intended, or it has something to do with me having EP and Phoenix out, but...yeah. I just did it the WH way where you slaughter everything in your way, lol.

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    You have to max strafe at 20 for ultimate strafe. There's no way you can NOT max strafe.



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