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  1. Default [1.2.331] [KOR] Mechanic Skill Tables


    Some of these images are huge, and I do not want bandwidth stolen. Be forewarned that if you link from these images anywhere other than Southperry or the Asiasoft forums, you will be shown a Southperry ad instead.

    Yo, BuddySeeker from Asiasoft - you can use any images from any extraction you want. I really don't care how you use them. Same goes for anyone at Asiasoft forums.

    1.2.334로 업데이트

    Mechanic (I)

    Mechanic (II)

    Mechanic (III)

    Mechanic (IV)
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    :O there we go.

    waiting for more info about the patch!

    -wants a thanks button-

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    I'm seeing a Rocket punch, possibility of using knuckles?

    EDIT: sigh never mind

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    And here i was patching the kmst client when my dad tells me we're driving home. (2 hrs) >.>

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    Whoa. That's fast. Is Orbit Downloader that good? ._.

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    Fairly sure they use guns. Note the gun booster and mastery.

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    They're a gun user.

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    They also have their own kind of equips especially for their mech. It'll take me a bit to do those because I have to define some variables....

  9. Won't Be Coming Back Gay Male

    IGN: Scofflaw
    Server: Cain
    Level: 70
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    Guild: Factory


    The seem to have some sort of door, and hb(needle skill). I dont really fee like translating it so i guess ill wait.

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    It looks like a summon-based class. They have a lot of skills that summon robots.

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    when i was downloading kMS client, normal download was going to take around 24 hours, i installed orbit downloader, it downloaded in 3 hours lol

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    Is that a health-dispensing skill I see there in 2nd job? Now I gotta get my hands on a pair of spectrum goggles for this guy. Looks cool as all hell.

  13. I've got no strings Straight Male
    IGN: Ryukiro
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    Alliance: Lore


    That is some of the coolest skills I have seen. So SciFi.
    I'm really liking the gate skill. If I'm thinking correctly from the description, it allows you to place to gates on the same map and move inbetween them.

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    wow. so fast?

    The skill really look soooo engineered!

    Maybe can cook up some story between mechanic and NT!

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    do i see a mystic-door-like skill? and a heal-like-token-skill?


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    Huzzah for mechanic, but are there any skill changes?

    Still, this class looks fun. Mechanic looks like it will be everything that evan should have been.

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    They made a slight change to Evans, and it's one I don't think anyone will find too much interest in. Magic Mastery now requires level 10 staff mastery. *shrugs*

  18. Default

    Was busy trying to understand what the skills did. Dumb Bing Translator's giving me rubbish, but this is what I understand so far...


    Third Job has skill names which make Bing Translator give me rubbish like "New Frame Light" and "heavy DOS (something) master lee".

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    Drill Rush
    Description. Description cancer ZPE drill ahead to attack the enemies.

    HOLY pomegranate that's one deadly skill.



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