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Thread: Sooo... PSD

  1. Default Sooo... PSD

    Yeah, this is a new variable in Skill.wz that I'm trying to figure out. There is a variable called "psd" which is only associated with some skills. My first instinct was that this was related to photoshop, but there doesn't seem to be anything else that would point toward this conclusion. The following skills have a psd modifier. I'd love it if one of you could figure out why these skills have this modifier.

    The psd variable is a boolean - so it's 1 or 0. All of the following skills have psd listed as "1".

    SwordmanHP Increase
    HeroCombat Mastery
    PaladinGuardian Spirit
    Dragon KnightJudgement Dragon
    MagicianMP Increase
    F/P ArchmageMagic Mastery
    I/L ArchmageMagic Mastery
    I/L ArchmageChain Lightning
    PriestHoly Attraction
    BishopMagic Mastery
    BishopHoly Shield
    BowmasterBow Expert
    Crossbow MasterMarksman Boost
    Crossbow MasterMarksmanship
    AssassinShadow Resistance
    Night LordTriple Throw
    Night LordExperienced pyochangsul
    BanditShadow Resistance
    ShadowerBoomerang Step
    Dualer (30-54)Shadow Resistance
    Dual Blader (120+)Final Cut
    Dual Blader (120+)Chains of Hell
    Dual Blader (120+)Stack Effect
    BrawlerHP Increase
    BrawlerCritical Punch
    GunslingerCritical Shot
    CorsairBattleship Cannon
    Dawn Warrior (I)HP Increase
    Blaze Wizard (I)MP Increase
    Wind Archer (III)Bow Expert
    Night Walker (III)Triple Throw
    Thunder Breaker (II)HP Increase
    Aran (III)Combo Critical
    Aran (IV)High Mastery
    Evan (IX)Magic Mastery
    Evan (X)Dark Fog
    Battlemage (I)Finish Attack
    Battlemage (II)Staff Mastery
    Battlemage (III)Battlestar Mastery
    Battlemage (III)Advanced Blue Aura
    Battlemage (III)Dark Lightning
    Battlemage (IV)Energy Charge
    Battlemage (IV)Advanced Dark Aura
    Battlemage (IV)Advanced Yellow Aura
    Battlemage (IV)Dark Genesis
    Wild Hunter (IV)Wild Instinct
    Wild Hunter (IV)Crossbow Expert

  2. Default

    I'm not entirely familiar with how the game works: If someone changed their file's 1s to 0s or vise-verse, would any difference in what it does be noticed?

    Just glancing at the list, it might be an indicator as to what skills were modified. Then again, where any skills not?

  3. Default

    Maybe it's for the skills that give a boost at a % rate?

  4. Default

    Do all of these skills have prerequisites? Probably wrong but just throwing out a guess.

  5. Default

    HP boosting skills do not.

  6. Default

    I think solarboy was close. I think these are skills which stack with other skills.

    HP Increase needs to stack for Hyperbody
    MP Increase needs to stack for Hyperbody
    Boomerang Step needs to stack for the next attack
    All crit skills need to stack

  7. Default

    That makes sense. I'm curious though; where did PSD come from? Programmers don't give variables random names, do they?

    If this does determine stackage, would changing 1s to 0s have any effect on the client's side?

  8. Default

    It might.

    Turn off PSD for Blast and calculate your own crit rate.

  9. Default

    How would Genesis be able to stack, though?

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    i think it's just an indication of a % used in the skill

    ex:HP increase has 20%, TT has some % to ignore defense
    otherwise what would demolition have to stack with that barrage can't?

  11. Default

    Genesis has a 20% Critical Rate boost, though I'm not sure if it applies on all attacks or just Genesis...

    @66alex66, % boosts are listed with an "-R" suffix I believe. Like Increase HP % would be mhpR
    Barrage doesn't have a default "ignore target's defense" variable, Demolition however does. IIRC you could get "ignore target's def by %" from item reinforcement(% stats on equips thingy)

  12. Default

    Something else to note:

    In the same patch in which BStep gave a +20% damage rate to the next shadow skill, the PSD variable was added to it.

  13. Default

    It's likely to be a flag that tells the program to treat a specific number as a whole number or as a % multiplier.

    I would look at the changed Evan skill dragon fury. The primary number changed from 110 to 30 . 110 was a damage multiplier (110%). The 30 appears to be a MA bonus now. I would look to see what the PSD value of this was...

    EDIT: The PSD for Dragon Fury is currently 0 since it isn;t on the list above. This would coincide with the change to the skill. If the skill in KMST 327 or 326 has a PSD of 1, then it's a sure indicator.

  14. Default

    Here's Magic Mastery for Evans as of 327:

    skill.22170001.common.maxLevel 30
    skill.22170001.common.mastery 55+u(x/2)
    skill.22170001.common.x x
    skill.22170001.combatOrders 1
    Here's Magic Mastery for Evans as of 328:

    skill.22170001.common.maxLevel 30
    skill.22170001.common.mastery 55+u(x/2)
    skill.22170001.common.x x
    skill.22170001.common.criticaldamageMin u(x/2)
    skill.22170001.combatOrders 1
    skill.22170001.psd 1

  15. Default

    For what I see, it most likely has to do with something that may come next so that it gives it said efect.

  16. Default

    That has my mind working, but I would still like to see Dragon Fury. It's obviously a flag, we just gotta figure out what for.

  17. Default

    I don't save stuff from previous extractions, so 326 --> 327 is gone.

  18. Default

    Maybe my reply would be right!
    PSD means the skill's effects only affects this skill itself or specified skills and do not affects other skills.
    For example,Chain Lightning has extra critical rate,and this skill has PSD,so the critical rate only affect Chain Lightning itself,do not work with other skills.Advanced charge blow do not have PSD,so its mastery works with every skills~

    Also,it sometimes means the skill only works with specified weapon.

  19. Default said "epad" means smart casted...But in fact it means "extra pad"...

  20. Default

    I sure hope you are kidding. EPAD means Enhanced Physical Attack Damage . In other words, a smart buff to your WA.



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