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  1. Default Final Death of Necroposting

    Similar to what was discussed here, I've implemented preventative measures on replying to posts that have been dead longer than 21 days.

    Stickied threads, Mods, Admins and Extractors are exempt from this restriction. Certain entire forums may also become exempt from this restriction if sufficient reason is found to do so.

    The range itself may be expanded, right now it's a compromise between 45 days and the 14 that a necropost normally would occur under.

    The intent here is to completely do away with the necropost warning/infraction at some point. I believe strongly that the best way to enforce a rule is simply to not make it breakable in the first place thus saving both sides time and energy that can be better spent.

  2. Default

    Was necroposting ever a problem?

  3. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    It's often a problem with new members, or when people just don't pay attention to dates.

  4. Default

    But can it be a problem? Yes. Preventative measures.

  5. Default

    I can't say I back this policy in general, but on the topic of necroposting it makes sense. Some sub forums might need an exemption from this, since they hardly ever get post. However, I don't post or read those forums, so I wouldn't know.

    21 days seems reasonable enough, although threads like "Math Help Thread" and "~ Rollcall Thread!" might run into problems if they aren't stickied.

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    I think necroposting should be limited to threads of a certain size or sub-sections, because it would suck to say have a thread like General Dungeon Fighter gets locked despite the fact it's a 187 page thread and going. Then we have threads in the Training Center which don't always get answers but tend to have valuable information and it would suck to have people asking the same questions over and over because the thread which they could have gotten an answer got locked. Maybe do it in sections like Amherst Island, Call to Action, MapleBugs, and Angry Dome, to name a few. Basically, places where long threads/discussions/adequate activity tend to rarely happen.

  7. Default

    >Someone bumps a thread after 20 days
    >They're going to get infracted for necroposting anyway

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    Okay... so it's impossible to post in (non-sticky) threads that are older than 20 days? Or do you just get little warning saying you shouldn't?

    If it just doesn't let you post at all then I wouldn't, for example, be able to post an update to my Corsair Calculator. It just seems kind of silly to auto-lock things that might still be relevant even after 20 days of inactivity.

  9. Default

    Would it be possible to exempt the Expressive Arts boards from this? I can no longer update my Open Canvas thread.

  10. Default

    What thread are you referring to?

  11. Default

    My art dump thread:

    I update it sporadically, but I've been posting in it for over a year. I like keeping all my art in one thread so I can see if there's any progression in my work (there isn't.)

  12. Default

    Wouldn't that really be more practical in your blog?

  13. Default

    What about class guides? If something like the Big Bang happens and the owner of the guide wants to update their thread to fit the changes, they wouldn't be able to if it hasn't been posted in within the past 21 days.

  14. Default

    Most of those will have to be completely rewritten anyhow because they're so out of date as to be completely irrelevant.

    That aside,
    1) replies are blocked, not edits
    2) the sticky ones are exempt from the timer as I already said.

  15. Default

    My thread is an art thread posted in an art forum, I don't see how it would make more sense to keep it in a blog.

    I post my drawings to share them with SP, not to keep them hidden away in a blog.

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    My suggestion still stands. Place the restriction on places where it's very unlikely that someone would return and make a significant post/contribution or places where discussion for the sake of discussing doesn't happen.

  17. Default

    You have a blog on SP, therefore if it's posted in there it's shared with SP. Your blog is the ideal place to store things about yourself and by yourself, including art, because it keeps everything of yours in a single easily accessed place that can be organized and categorized.

    Forums are made for conversation and discussion, not personal single thread galleries.

    You've described the entire forum.
    I've seen an entire one post to a thread older than two weeks, ever, that qualified as a substantial contribution, and it honestly could've been it's own followup thread.

  18. Default

    I don't get it. Why can't you and the moderating team just infract people who necropost?

    Some posts on older threads can't even be classified as necroposting, because in some cases the posts in question may still contribute to the topic, as in expressive art archives. You might as well do away with the whole Expressive Arts forum if you expect us to just blog them.

  19. Default

    Shouldn't be our responsibility to punish you for doing things we shouldn't let you do in the first place if that's the rule.

    And I very well may. It predates the existence of the blogs and frankly I don't see a need for it when they're available.

  20. Default

    What? Isn't a moderator's job to moderate? If that's how it's going to be, I don't even see the need for a moderating team. Just completely bar anything that's against the rules, get rid of moderators, etc.

    The moderating team's role is growing smaller and smaller, and if what you're doing becomes a trend, frankly I don't see a reason why they should exist. There will be nothing to moderate.



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